Michael Selby (né Duncan), Manager of UBC Welcome Centre, suggests planning ahead makes cycling to work a welcome routine.

How did you get into biking to work?

It was a slow process for me. I started biking for a couple days but could never keep it up. I’d bike for a week or two, but then take long breaks from it. I found it hard to keep up the momentum. Over a year-and-a-half, I kept adding more and more bike days and fewer non-bike days until finally I was biking about 90 per cent of the time. At that point it became the default way to get to work. That transition was critical, as I was then able to eliminate the most difficult part of biking – making the conscious decision to choose to bike in the morning. If the default option was to bike, I didn’t have to have an internal debate with myself. Now I bike because that’s just what I do – and it makes me incredibly happy!

What’s the most important tip you would you give to someone who is new to bike commuting?

Get your situation all set up in a way that you like. Figure out what clothing you like to wear, how you are going to lock your bike, and where you can shower and store your belongings. Once you have it all the way you like, it becomes so much easier to just roll with it. I hate making decisions that I don’t have to make, so by locking in my plan I get to focus on other important decisions in my life. 

What fuels you to bike?

For me it is the amazing peace of mind and the great transition from work to home. By the time I finish my commute I’m refreshed, happy and feel great – which is the exact opposite of what I feel when I try to fight traffic in my car, or jam into a crowded B-line.

Multiple Choice: Which one of these is the most challenging for you? A) the hill B) the rain C) the sweat or D) the distance? E) other____

B and C. I hate the combination of sweating on the inside while it is raining on the outside.

How do you conquer this challenge?

There is no good solution. I just accept it, get wet, and take a shower when I get to work.

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