Kai M.A. Chan is a Professor in the Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability, CHANS Lab (Connecting Human and Natural Systems). He is a passionate and long-time cyclist.

1. How did you get into biking to work?

I used to race cycling, and before that I competed in triathlons. Bike commuting has been a great way to keep up a part of that fitness, post-racing.

2. What’s the most important tip you would you give to someone who is new to bike commuting?

Get good rain gear! A waterproof jacket, and also booties, to cover your shoes. For me, there’s nothing worse than wet socks, shoes, and feet.

3. What fuels you to bike?

It’s everything: it’s climate friendly, it feels good, it wakes me up, sparks my appetite, keeps me in shape, and lets me feel the city. It’s a non-substitutable part of my day.

4. Multiple Choice: Which one of these is the most challenging for you? A) the hill B) the rain C) the sweat or D) the distance? E) other____

The frost, on those clear winter mornings. Treacherous, especially for folks who aren’t used to Vancouver, its microclimates, and the substantial frost that can form even when it’s a few degrees above zero. You can go down so quickly.

5. How do you conquer this challenge?

After a few falls, one that broke my finger, I now take the bus when it’s frosty. Rain is one thing; frost is another.