Sustainability Funding Opportunities

UBC has a variety of funding opportunities available to students, staff, faculty, and residents for initiatives supporting environmental and social sustainability.

·      AMS Sustainability Fund– The AMS Sustainability Fund provides funding to student-led projects that reduce the ecological footprint of UBC students and their campus.

·      AMS Innovative Projects Fund– The AMS Innovative Projects Fund provides funding for students, faculty and staff working on projects that benefit a significant number of students, developing campus community.

·      Equity Enhancement Fund- The Equity Enhancement Fund supports community-based initiatives that enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion at UBC.

·      Green Labs Fund– The Green Labs Fund provides funding to members of the research community to reduce the environmental impact of labs and research activities at both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

·      Healthy Workplace Initiatives Program Fund- The Healthy Workplace Initiatives Program is an annual fund available to UBC departments and units to support grassroots activities that promote wellbeing in the workplace.

·      Sustainability Curriculum Grants– Sustainability Curriculum Grants are open to faculty members in any discipline and provide funding to support the development and refinement of sustainability programs on campus. 

·      UBC Student Environment Centre Fund– The Student Environment Centre Fund provides funding for student-led grassroots projects on sustainability or environmental issues.

·      UBC Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund- The Sustainability Revolving Fund provides a minimum loan of $10,000 for projects that reduce consumption of energy, water or other resources – supporting UBC’s sustainability goals.

·      UTown@UBC Community Grants- UTown@UBC Community Grants award up to $1,000 for projects that foster community building and connectedness on campus or in the Musqueam community.

·      Workplace Sustainability Fund- The Workplace Sustainability Fund awards UBC Sustainability Coordinators with up to $1,000 to support sustainability initiatives in their units.