Student Sustainability Council

The Student Sustainability Council provides feedback to specific projects, programs and initiatives of the UBC Sustainability Initiative, Campus and Community Planning, and Wellbeing at UBC. The Council is a conduit for communicating student-originated sustainability priorities in teaching and learning programs, research and partnerships opportunities, and campus operations.


The Student Sustainability Council (SSC) provides feedback to UBC Sustainability initiatives at their monthly meetings through presentations by project managers or directors. At the end of the year, their feedback will be compiled into a report for the Executive Director of the UBC Sustainability Initiative. The Manager, Sustainability Student Engagement manages the logistics of the Student Sustainability Council membership and meetings.


The Student Sustainability Council is composed of approximately 20 student representatives from the umbrella student organizations: Alma Mater Society, Student Environment Centre, Common Energy, student resident sustainability coordinators, Sustainability Ambassadors, and other sustainability-related student group leaders.

Want to get involved with Council?

At the beginning of each academic year, the UBC Sustainability Initiative brings in student representatives from a variety of sustainability-related student groups across campus for the purpose of advising future sustainability-related projects at UBC. Student representatives meet three times per term. If you or your student group is interested in being a part of the Council, contact