The Student Sustainability Council brings together members of sustainability-related student groups to provide feedback on projects, programs, and initiatives from UBC’s Sustainability Initiative, Campus + Community Planning department, and UBC Wellbeing.
Have a voice on sustainability-related UBC policies and projects
Provide feedback and support decision-making on sustainability issues
Connect and collaborate with peers to enrich your own sustainability initiatives
Facilitate meaningful student engagement on sustainability projects, programs, and initiatives

How It Works

The Student Sustainability Council gives feedback on campus projects, programs, and initiatives. As a council member, you’ll consolidate this feedback into a report for executive review.


Applications are accepted every academic year. Council members meet once a month, and must be available from 12-1:30pm on Sep 24, Oct 22, Nov 19, Jan 21, Feb 25, and Mar 25.

Meet the council

The Student Sustainability Council has up to 20 student representatives from groups including the Alma Mater Society, the Sustainability Ambassadors, and many more.