Fri, October 12, 2018 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM AQUATIC ECOSYSTEMS RESEARCH LABORATORY (AERL). Speaker: UBC Well-being

Location: AERL Theatre (120), 2202 Main Mall, UBC

Throughout the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) most recent strategic planning process, wellbeing was identified as a university-wide priority. Shaping UBC’s Next Century (the 2018-2028 strategic plan) names “People and Places” as one of the university’s four core areas of focus and aims to create “vibrant, sustainable environments that enhance wellbeing and excellence for people in their places at UBC and beyond.” The plan also calls for the development of a strategy to guide the university in embedding wellbeing into operations, learning, research, and engagement.

To work well, we must be well. This session will explore efforts that are currently underway to advance wellbeing at UBC and how we can contribute to workplace wellbeing specifically. The Okanagan Charter and National Psychological Health and Safety Standards will be used as frameworks for discussing how workplace wellbeing can be enhanced through collective efforts at the individual, departmental, and institutional level. There will be an opportunity for dialogue on how workplace wellbeing can be supported and championed through everyday practices and operations within the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries.