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The SEEDS Program Library is Campus Sustainability's digital repository for all SEEDS student reports. Senior level undergraduate and graduate students work collaboratively with UBC staff and are guided by faculty to produce recommendations that advance sustainability in campus operations. To see a visual map of the partnerships across campus, click here.

Reports in the Library provide a historical record of sustainability at UBC. They contribute to creating a culture of sustainability on campus, and offer valuable sustainability research to the global community.

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Report Title Year Authors Faculty Staff & Partners Course Code Themes
Animating the AMS Nest: Night Light 2016-2017 Emily Cho Philip McCrum
Art History, Visual Art and Theory

Pooja Bhatti, Michael Kingsmill
Alma Matter Society

Vol 400
30 Minute Walking Routes in Nature 2016-2017 Elizabeth Hartwell, Karen Yang Sally Hermansen
Geography, Department of

Matt Dolf
Vice President, Students

GEOB 472
AMS Food Bank Partnerships 2016-2017 Tim (In Je) Cho, Kevin Krispin, Brennan Lew-Cooke, Mel (Melpatkwa) Matthew, Jenny Sinclair Marie-Claude Fortin
Land and Food Systems, Faculty of

Alisha Buttar

Taruni Singh
Alma Mater Society

LFS 450
Communicating sustainability: Engaging Students Effectively 2016-2017 Frank Fang, Richard (Runyang) Xu, Olivia Zhang Jiaying Zhao
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability

Geoffrey Kyle Gooderham
Arts, Faculty of

Marko Pajalic
UBC Sustainability Initiative

PSYC 321
Replacement of the Spiral Drain at the North End of UBC Campus 2016-2017 Mona Dahir, Jasninder Gill, Danny Hsieh, Rachel Jackson, Michael Louws, Christopher Vibe Yahya Nazhat
Civil Engineering

Doug Doyle
Campus & Community Planning

CIVL 446
Going For Green: Achieving global leadership in sustainability through innovation and community engagement 2016-2017 Siying Chen, Denna Darbandi, Ali Deng, Angelli Dimatulac, Sam Massooleh Paul Cubbon
Sauder School of Business - Marketing

Steve Henzel
Building Operations

Bud Fraser
Campus & Community Planning

Jamee DeSimone
Sustainability and Engineering

Mapping Positive Space Resource Persons 2016-2017 Jovita Chan, Cassidy Palmer Sally Hermansen
Geography, Department of

Adeline Huynh
Equity Office

GEOB 472
Implementation of a Food Recovery Program at UBC 2016-2017 Michael Annejohn, Allison Brown, Winnie Kwan, Jenny (Jennifer) Lu, Evonne Tran Marie-Claude Fortin
Land and Food Systems, Faculty of

David Speight
Food Services Opperations

LFS 450
Perceived Environmental Impact of Foods and Their Consumption Frequency 2016-2017 Tom (Jae Woo) Chung, Marie Turcott, Catherine Li, Vanessa (Marie) Levasseur, Sebastian Leon Jiaying Zhao
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability

Geoffrey Kyle Gooderham
Arts, Faculty of

Tara Moreau
UBC Botanical Garden & Centre for Plant Research

PSYC 321
UBC Health Sciences Precinct Smoke-Free Zones 2016-2017 Marcus Jung Siobhán McPhee
Geography, Department of

Steven Barnes
Psychology, Department of

Deb Capps
Building Operations

Satoshi Iura, Eileen Koshi, Michelle Neilly
Medicine, Faculty of

GRS 397