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The SEEDS Program Library is Campus Sustainability's digital repository for all SEEDS student reports.

Reports in the Library provide a historical record of sustainability at UBC. They contribute to creating a culture of sustainability on campus, and offer valuable sustainability research to the global community.To see a visual map of the partnerships across campus, click here.

The reports published in the Library are accessible to the public. If you would like more information on any of the findings contact a SEEDS representative at

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Report Title Year Authors Faculty Staff & Partners Course Code Themes Additional Files
Baselining UBC’s Urban Forest: Vancouver Campus 2017-2018 Sarah Eshpeter John Madden (C+CP)
Campus & Community Planning

Cecil Konijnendijk
Forestry, Faculty of

FRST 548
University Neighbourhoods Association [UNA] Multi Unit Residential Building [MURB] Waste Behavioural Research 2017-2018 Ivana Zelenika Jiaying Zhao
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability

Ralph Wells
Campus + Community Planning

John Robinson
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability

Slavica Kosmajac
UBC Properties Trust

Carol Bassingthwaighte, Calvin Cheung, Laura Cottle
University Neighborhoods Association

RES 699
Future Weather Files to Support Climate Resilient Building Design in Vancouver 2017-2018 Belgin Terim Cavka, Malin Ek Thomas Froese
Civil Engineering

Ralph Wells
Campus + Community Planning

VOL 500
UBC SEEDS Biodiversity Policies and Practices Analysis 2017-2018 Philip Bertogg, Tovi Sanhedrai, Cameron Tough Gunilla Oberg
Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability

John Madden
Campus + Community Planning

Tara Moreau
UBC Botanical Garden & Centre for Plant Research

SCIE 420
Framework for the UBC-Relevant Red List of Materials 2017-2018 Lorena Polovina Greg Johnson
School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Penelope (Penny) Martyn
Campus + Community Planning

CIVL 492
UBC Botanical Gardens Mapping Manual 2017-2018 Emma Cunningham, Liz Gallipeau, Paul Hacker, Priya Joshi, Amanda Leslie, Gary Pinneo, Lauren Tekano Trevor Jones
Forestry, Faculty of

Beryl Zhang
UBC Botanical Gardens

VOL 500
Measuring Resilience and Creating a Culture of Preparedness 2017-2018 Tina Huang, Puneet Khurana, Martha Priscila Santos, Gabriela García-Jurado Velázquez Murali Chandrashekaran
Sauder School of Business

Danny Smutylo
Risk Management Services

BA 532
Facilitating Recreational Programming on Campus 2017-2018 Abigayil (Abbie) Bourchier-Willans, Paula (Kasey) Vader, Emma Vadot, Danica (Dana) Radivojevic, Zoe Peterson Andrea Bundon
Kinesiology, School of

Kavie Toor
Athletics & Recreation

KIN 464
Secure Water Supply for UBC - Team 10 2017-2018 Jordan Cheng, Oiuna Garmaeva, Minhao (Kevin) Gu, Andy Hsu, Jilin (James) Song, Ziyi (Carol) Zhuang Yahya Nazhat
Civil Engineering

Doug Doyle
Campus + Community Planning

CIVL 445
The Sound of Sustainability: An examination of sound sustainability in the Center for Integrated Research on Sustainability and UBC Farms 2016-2017 Hay Go, Mackenzie Parry, Jason Lin, Sebastian Miskovic, Jonathan Chudley, Adrian Cheng Geraldine Pratt
Geography, Department of

Marko Pajalic
UBC Sustainability Initiative

Victoria Smith
UBC Sustainability Initiative

GEOG 371