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The SEEDS Program Library is Campus Sustainability's digital repository for all SEEDS student reports.

Reports in the Library provide a historical record of sustainability at UBC. They contribute to creating a culture of sustainability on campus, and offer valuable sustainability research to the global community.To see a visual map of the partnerships across campus, click here.

The reports published in the Library are accessible to the public. If you would like more information on any of the findings contact a SEEDS representative at

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Report Title Year Authors Faculty Staff & Partners Course Code Themes
Prestige Fir Flooring: Business Plan 2004-2005 Tim Kester, Ryan Lush, Jake Power, Aaron Racher Dr. Robert Kozak

Ken Day

WOOD 465
RJM Specialty Laminates: Business Plan 2004-2005 Rene Buys, Jameson Craig, Michael Rocksborough-Smith, Michael Vorhies Dr. Robert Kozak

Ken Day

WOOD 465
Small Diameter Roundwood to Hollowbeam 2004-2005 Andrew Burke, Chris Johnston, Steve Page, Brendan Singbiel Dr. Robert Kozak

Ken Day

WOOD 465
Williams Lake Flooring Business Plan 2004-2005 Krista Klein, Sunny Li, Maryam Niroomand, Sally Sellars, Will Waldstein Dr. Robert Kozak

Ken Day

WOOD 465
The Design of a Portable Biodiesel Plant 2004-2005 Umeet Bhachu, Norman Chow, Andreas Christensen, Amanda Drew, Linda Ishkintana, Jerry Lu, Conrad Poon, Crissa Villamayor, Ayrien Setiaputra, Tony Yau Dr. Jim Lim, Dr. Naoko Ellis, Dr. Madjid Mohseni
Chemical and Biological Engineering

John Metras, Lee Ferrari, Norman Woo
Land & Building Services

CHBE 452/453/454
Graffiti at UBC: A Sociological Analysis of Graffiti 2004-2005 Ian Ashley, Daniel Beynon, Rose Chan, Paige Faulkner, Leslie Ann Gurley, Lori Leung, Chin Lin, Jasmine Meng, Lauren Nguyen, Kelsey Partridge, Dena Williams, On Ki Wong, Julie Yu Dr. Patricia Kachuk
Anthropology & Sociology

Steve Bohnen, Emmet Russel
Campus Security

Business Plan: Funding the Installation of Geothermal Heating on UBC Residential Developments 2004-2005 Mark Mitchell, Pearl Wong, David Woodson, Ming Zhang Prof. Steve Alisharan
Sauder School of Business

Barney Ellis-Perry
Alumni Affairs

MBA 500
Home Grown: Buy BC Campaign 2004-2005 Lauren Aikins, Sally Kwong, Sean Park, Ida Wong, Packy Wong Dr. Dan Putler
Sauder School of Business

Dr. Alejandro Rojas, Lisa Richer
Land & Food Systems

Andrew Parr, Dorothy Yip, Elena Cossover, Juliana Campbell
UBC Food Services

Nancy Toogood
AMS Food & Beverage

COMM 365
Marketing Applications: UBC Sustainability Office 2004-2005 Claudia Aguilera, Serena Chia-Jen Chang, Debbie Yuen Na Ko, Sharon Lam, Jolie Lee, Jenny Zhang Dr. Dan Putler
Sauder School of Business

Ruth Abramson, Laura Madera
UBC Sustainability Office

COMM 468
Testing & Analysis of UBC Water Discharge Sites During Non-Storm Events 2004-2005 Jennifer Fowler, Ashley Phillips, Karen Robinson Dr Xiaotao Bi
Chemical & Biological Engineering

Ray Hryciuk
Health Safety & Environment

CHBE 484