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The SEEDS Program Library is Campus Sustainability's digital repository for all SEEDS student reports.

Reports in the Library provide a historical record of sustainability at UBC. They contribute to creating a culture of sustainability on campus, and offer valuable sustainability research to the global community.To see a visual map of the partnerships across campus, click here.

The reports published in the Library are accessible to the public. If you would like more information on any of the findings contact a SEEDS representative at

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Report Title Year Authors Faculty Staff & Partners Course Code Themes Additional Files
The UBC Change Room Project 2017-2018 Lauren Ensworth, Jordan Hum, Christopher Ly, Gurleen Minhas, Rachel Simpson, Emily Speidel Janna Taylor
School of Kinesiology, Faculty of Education

Adeline Huynh
Equity Office

KIN 465
UNA Community Centre Inclusion 2017-2018 Marko Gavric, Dannen Johnstone, Manjoth Kandola, Emily Lee, Jackie Lin, Jackson Liu Janna Taylor
Kinesiology, School of

Qiuning Wang, Kathryn Wong
University Neighborhoods Association

KIN 465
Coach's Role in Interculturalsim 2017-2018 Jason Abelson, Mica Doria, Matthew So, Alice Stelmachenko, Amanda Thornhill Janna Taylor
Kinesiology, School of

Rachael Sullivan
Equity Office

KIN 465
University Neighbourhoods Association [UNA] Multi Unit Residential Building [MURB] Waste Behavioural Research 2017-2018 Ivana Zelenika Jiaying Zhao
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability

Ralph Wells
Campus + Community Planning

John Robinson
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability

Slavica Kosmajac
UBC Properties Trust

Carol Bassingthwaighte, Calvin Cheung, Laura Cottle
University Neighborhoods Association

RES 699
Art of Engagement Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery 2017-2018 Madi Wood, Ibrahim Husain, Jenifer Wong, Bryan (Xu) Yan Zorana Svedic
Sauder School of Business

Deb Pickman
Theatre and Film

Shelly Rosenblum
Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery

BA 511
Rain-Activated Campus Street Art 2017-2018 Tiffany Quon Manuel Pina
Art History, Visual Art and Theory

Mustafa Akhtar, Shiloh Bouvette
Campus + Community Planning

VOL 400
Post-Occupancy Evaluation Pilot - Alumni Centre 2017-2018 Kerry Shaw Vladan Prodanovic
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Penny Martyn
Campus + Community Planning

Blair Antcliffe
Energy and Water

Steven Lee
Facilities Planning

APPP 506
Replacement of the Spiral Drain at the North End of UBC Campus 2016-2017 Mona Dahir, Jasninder Gill, Danny Hsieh, Rachel Jackson, Michael Louws, Christopher Vibe Yahya Nazhat
Civil Engineering

Doug Doyle
Campus + Community Planning

CIVL 446
30 Minute Walking Routes in Nature 2016-2017 Elizabeth Hartwell, Karen Yang Sally Hermansen
Geography, Department of

Matt Dolf
Vice President, Students

GEOB 472
Design Specifications forSole Power-Up Project 2016-2017 Francois-Olivier Morin, Daniel Peerson, Mohammad Kabir, Yekaterina Lim, Daniel Peerson, Maziar Sharifikhah Purang Abolmaesumi, Pieter Botman, Patrick Conroy, Cristian Grecu, Philippe Kruchten, Terry Lee, Paul Lusina, John Madden, Shuo Tang, Joseph Yan
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Gus Crowards
AMS Sustainability

Kasha Foster
AMS Sustainability

EECE 409/429/419/439/400/469