In order to submit an application to the CLL Fund competition, project teams must submit a short Notice of Intent (NOI) via the form on this page. The application must be received by 11:59 pm on September 15, 2020.  

1. Applicant Information


2. Potential Partners

CLL Funds are intended to support collaborative projects. List the potential partners who will work with the lead applicant on the project.



3. UBC Strategic Priority Areas

CLL projects must align with one of UBC strategic priorities areas, which are informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Identify the strategic priority area:


4. Innovation Claims

CLL project are meant to test, demonstrate or otherwise advance innovation at UBC’s Campus. Innovations may be considered in terms of scientific, technological, health or social innovation.

List three (3) innovations:


5. CLL Project Description

Provide a brief (50 word) description of the proposed CLL project, including the potential benefits to research and to operations at UBC.