Green Building Directory

UBC made early contributions to the green building industry, and we have since built many more buildings with high-performance features. All new institutional construction and major renovations on campus will be LEED Gold certified, while our residential neighborhood buildings will achieve REAP Gold certification.

Early UBC Green Buildings

The C.K. Choi Building for the Institute of Asian Research (1996), our first green building, was also one of the world’s first green buildings. C.K. Choi resulted from the efforts of a few visionary champions at the University, who were determined to change the traditional construction process, and to build a groundbreaking example of high-performance, low-impact architecture.

Following C.K. Choi, UBC has made progress through research and innovative policy development and now has the largest campus green building stock in Canada.

Read more about UBC’s early green buildings in the Green Building Case Study.

LEED Certified Buildings

From 2008 onwards, all new campus construction and major renovations at UBC are mandated to be LEED Gold certified.  We now have 10 LEED certified buidings in total, with 15 more projects pending certification.  The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) building earned LEED Platinum certification in 2013 and is targeting partial certification from an advanced rating system, the Living Building Challenge.

Download a full list of LEED Certified and Registered Buildings.

REAP Certified Buildings

The Residential Environmental Assessment Program (REAP) is a comprehensive green building rating system developed by UBC, for mandatory application to all residential construction in the UBC neighborhoods.

Download a list of REAP Registered and Certified Buildings to date.