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Sustainability Ambassadors

The Sustainability Ambassador Program is leadership program built on the Social Change Model of Leadership. This program is for student leaders at both the undergraduate and graduate level, interested in personal, collaborative, and community engaged learning to gain greater self-knowledge while designing and actively participating in projects and initiatives that foster human wellbeing and environmental health.

The Sustainability Ambassadors Program is committed to leading and inspiring the UBC community to learn more about sustainability, and to explore how sustainability principles and practices can be embedded into their own lives to effect positive and lasting changes.

Primary Functions

Engage in personal and professional skill development by:

  • Creating, planning and delivering sustainability education events
  • Supporting a student sustainability network on campus and facilitating collaborations
  • Advising student groups on sustainability programs, courses and involvement opportunities
  • Team facilitation and support

Assist in the coordination and facilitation of projects and events by:

  • Planning and implementing various events such as the annual Sustainability Fair, Sustainability Research Symposium, and Student Networking events.
  • Promoting and enhancing sustainability education within your own faculty and department and the wider campus
  • Developing new approaches to reach out to the student population at UBC
  • Collaborating with other groups on campus to address specific sustainability issues or requests
  • Staffing booths at orientation (UBC Imagine) and at special events across campus
  • Consulting student groups to provide them with sustainability training and support
  • Supporting the creation of promotional materials and marketing campaigns to support projects and events
  • Promoting the Sustainability initiatives through personal networks, online campaigns and at official events throughout UBC
  • Finding and encouraging connections between various sustainability groups on campus
  • Representing at the Student Sustainability Council

Time Commitments

An average contribution of 4-5 hours per week is expected from volunteers as follows:

  • 1 hour per week: Sustainability Consulting
  • 1.5 hours per week: Ambassadors team meetings and on-going training
  • 1 hour per week: Outreach (depending on the time of year)
  • 1 hour per week: Project team meetings (separate meetings outside Ambassadors team meetings to meet with specific project team to plan events)

Position Term

Successful candidates will commit to 8 month period (September 2018-April 2019).


Students will be trained in key leadership and professional development skills from the UBC Sustainability Initiative’s Teaching, Learning & Research Office. Workshops will be held during meeting times and on key training days. There will also be on-going discussions on sustainability issues and topics during the weekly meetings. This is to ensure baseline knowledge about different UBC Sustainability resources.

Please note that these training sessions and meetings are mandatory – if you are a successful applicant, you will be asked to clear your schedule of classes or other commitments during these times; so please built your schedule of courses and other activities around these times.

  • Attend the Spring Welcome event— Monday, April 9, 2018 (please note that exams begin April 10th)
  • Attend Sustainability Ambassadors Orientation—September 8th, 2018 (9-4)
  • Weekly team meetings (these meetings will remain fixed on Tuesday unless discussed otherwise; Manager, Sustainability Student Engagement reserves the right to change the meeting time after consultation)
    • Tuesdays 3:00-4:30, Sept. 11  – Dec, 2018 (no meetings during exam period)
    • Tuesdays 3:00-4:30, Jan. 8 — Apr, 2019 (no meetings during exam period)
  • Attend the 2019 Spring Welcome event— to welcome new Ambassadors

Additional/Optional Commitment

A selected group of ambassadors may opt to work over the summer (May-August) to develop the program’s annual goals, commitments, and planning with the Manager, Sustainability Student Engagement and other UBC Sustainability staff. 

Desired Skills and Experiences

  • UBC undergraduate and graduate students in any faculty
  • Positive attitude
  • Enthusiasm for sustainability and leadership responsibilities at UBC
  • Willingness to learn and share information with peers
  • Interest in speaking with others and leading workshops
  • Ability to take initiative
  • Ability to take the lead as well as work cooperatively in small and large teams
  • Committed to learning about sustainability
  • Committed to ongoing learning and education
  • Professional and reliable as a Sustainability Ambassador and Peer educator

Benefits of Participating

  • Sponsorship to attend the annual UBC Student Leadership Conference
  • Connection to UBC Sustainability – learn more about UBC initiatives
  • Be a UBC sustainability leader
  • Develop a set of professional competencies
  • Assist UBC Communications with marketing and promotions
  • Increase your knowledge about specific sustainability issues
  • Meet other leaders who are also interested in promoting sustainability education
  • Gain job-related skills and experience
  • Make new friends and be better connected to the UBC community

Testimonials of Sustainability Ambassadors

Reflections on your experience as a Sustainability Ambassador:

“Something that continues to amaze me as a Sustainability Ambassador is working and learning from others and realizing how many people are willing to commit to this very important cause.”

Brian Marx, 3rd year, Faculty of Arts

What skills did you develop during your time as a Sustainability Ambassador?

“The most valuable thing I have learned is planning and managing large-scale, campus-wide events. As a Sustainability Ambassador, I had the opportunity to receive ample training and support from people who have extensive experience in event planning.”

Emily Leung, 2nd year, Faculty of Arts


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Apply Now

Applications are open now until January 31 February 7, 2018. Before you begin the application, please have your CV ready.