Sustainability Ambassadors

2017-2018 Sustainability Ambassadors

The Sustainability Ambassadors  is a sustainability education outreach activity of the UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI) Teaching, Learning, & Research Office. Volunteer Ambassadors work with the Sustainability Student Engagement Manager as part of a team to deliver sustainability programming to fellow students on UBC's Vancouver campus.  They also network with student groups on campus to promote sustainability education. 



The Sustainability Ambassadors Program is committed to leading and inspiring the UBC community to learn more about sustainability, and to explore how sustainability principles and practices can be embedded into their own lives to effect positive and lasting changes.


To encourage the UBC community to engage in holistic learning and conscientious living through collaboration and critical thinking, while also raising awareness of sustainability in order to achieve a sustainable future.

Program Goals

  • Raise awareness of sustainability and sustainability education among the student population
  • Identify opportunities to deliver and promote sustainability education across campus
  • Encourage student involvement in sustainability
  • Encourage incorporation of sustainability into students' chosen program
  • Find and encourage connections between various sustainability groups on campus and between these groups and the USI
  • Organize and promote sustainability-related events

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Events and Services

Sustainability Film and Research Series

UBC Sustainability Fair

Sustainability Networking Event

Sustainability Consulting   


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Be a sustainability leader in the UBC community, inspiring others to make positive and lasting changes.


An average commitment of 4-5 hours per week is expected for this program.