As civil society organizations (ENGOs more specifically) are beginning to reckon with past mistakes and strive for equity and inclusivity, they need tools to create meaningful and lasting organizational change. For several years, Sierra Club BC (SCBC) has been working to decolonize the organization's efforts; this project is among those that are the direct result of this initiative. 

The purpose of 'Implementing a Pathway Together' is to identify and create innovative approaches to intercultural climate engagement by centering Indigenous and diverse lenses. This includes generating reflection, analysis, tools and practices, enabling ENGOs, educational institutions, and other NGOs more generally, to engage with and learn from diverse communities on the climate crisis. The project builds on collaboration with the UBC Sustainability Scholars program on A Pathway Together (2020 - 2021). The scholar will work with SCBC to develop a "process guide" exploring questions of authentic relationships, intercultural collaborations that are respectful of protocol, and how we might centre the SĆȺ ~work with the lands and waters in good ways. 

Developing climate solutions that work for everyone requires increased capacities to learn from and work with diverse knowledge systems and tell different kinds of stories about the climate crisis. Implementing a pathway together, for ENGOs and other climate-engaged organizations to work with Indigenous and other historically marginalized communities is imperative to forward their climate action goals on a foundation of social and environmental justice.

Partner: Sierra Club of British Columbia Foundation
Funder: UBC
Keywords:  leadership & behaviour change, social sustainability, decolonization

Melissa Plisic