This project unpacks failings of currently-dominant (colonial) approaches to cumulative effects assessment and management and explores Indigenous-centric alternatives to support the Salish Sea Indigenous Guardians Association (SSIGA) in developing an Indigenous-centric cumulative effects framework. One that supports sustainable decision-making for the long-term holistic health of the Fraser River Estuary, in ways that center and empower the laws, ways of knowing, being, doing and valuing of member Nations. Findings are based on integrative literature review and iterative workshops with experts. 
To respect Indigenous knowledge governance the final report is confidential, but the Executive Summary is shared here and includes summaries of key shifts required, recommendations for various actors involved, and areas recommended for future research.

Partner: Salish Sea Indigenous Guardians Association (SSIGA)
Funder: UBC (Sitka Foundation)
Keywords: biodiversity, restoration, conservation

Jennifer Cutbill