UBC offers certificate programs to advance your sustainability education alongside your career. Find out how UBC can help expand your knowledge of sustainability and build on your professional practice.

At UBC we value your commitment to life-long learning. The following certificate and continuing education programs provide options throughout the year and the flexibility you need to combine study with work or other activities.

Graduate Certificate in Global Mine Waste Management (Applied Science)

For more information see: https://mining.ubc.ca/graduate/graduate-certificates/certificate-in-global-mine-waste-management/

Certificate in Dechinta Community and Land-Based Research (Arts)

For more information see https://www.dechinta.ca/overview-of-programs

Certificate in Health and Wellness (Education)

For more information see: https://pdce.educ.ubc.ca/certificate-in-health-wellness/

Graduate Certificate in Forest Management and Conservation (Forestry)

For more information see: https://forestry.ubc.ca/programs/certificate/forest-management-conservation/

Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Public Health (Medicine)

For more information see: https://health.aboriginal.ubc.ca/programming/indigenous-public-health-training-institutes/

Graduate Certificate in Global Surgical Care (Medicine)

For more information see: https://surgery.med.ubc.ca/graduate-certificate-in-global-surgical-care-gcgsc-starting-september-2015/

Graduate Certificate in Aquaculture (Land and Food Systems)

For more information see: https://aqua.landfood.ubc.ca/ 

Indigenous Cultural Competency Certificate (Law)

For more information see: https://allard.ubc.ca/about-us/indigenous-legal-studies/indigenous-cultural-competency-certificate