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LWS 501 Advanced Soil Processes

LWS 510 Land and Water Seminar

LWS 515 Watershed Science

LWS 517 Land and Water Resource Evaluation

LWS 548 Major Project

MATH 102 Differential Calculus with Applications to Life Sciences

MECH 410U Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Air Pollution

MECH 445 Fuel Cell Systems

MECH 470 Energy Conversion Systems

MGMT 110 Introduction to Management Thought and Social Responsibility

MGMT 200 Introduction to Management Thought and Social Responsibility

MIDW 360 Global Maternal Infant Health

MINE 404 Mine Management

MINE 434 Processing Precious Metal Ores

MINE 455 Mine Water Management

MINE 480 Mine Waste Management

MINE 486 Mining and The Environment

MINE 497E Directed Studies: Indigenous People and Mining

MINE 515 Mining in the Future

MINE 540 Acid Rock Drainage

MINE 541 Environmental Risk Assessments in Relation to Mining

MINE 544 Mining Environment Case Studies

MINE 555 Mining and Society

MINE 559 Mineral Resource Development and Canadian Aboriginal People

MINE 590A Special Advanced Topics: Mine Sustainable Development

MINE 590E Special Advanced Topics: Mining and Sustainable Development

MINE 590Q Special Advanced Topics: Advanced Mine Waste Management

MINE 590S Special Advanced Topics: Carbon Sequestration

MINE 590V Special Advanced Topics: Climate Change in Mining

MRNE 402S Special Topics in Marine Biology: Conservation Biology

MRNE 430 Marine Ecology

MRNE 437 Population and Community Ecology of Marine Organisms

MTRL 571 Advanced Nanofibre Technology

NURS 290 Health Impacts of Climate Change

NURS 336 Professional Nursing Practice with Communities and Populations

NURS 353 Promoting the Health of Indigenous People

NURS 506 Health Promotion in Practice

NURS 576 Topics in Social and Environmental Planning to Foster Health of Populations

PHAR 582 Toxicology III - Environmental Toxicology

PHIL 235 Contemporary Moral Issues

PHIL 331 Business and Professional Ethics

PHIL 332 Environmental Ethics

PHIL 335A Power and Oppression

PHIL 335 Power and Oppression

PHIL 434A Business and Professional Ethics

PHIL 435A Environmental Ethics

PHYS 333 Energy and Climate

PLAN 211 City-Making: A Global Perspective

PLAN 331 The Just City in a Divided World

PLAN 341 Smart Cities: Concepts, Methods and Design