Students can apply to become a member of the Zero Waste Squad at UBC. Please make sure you read the information below carefully before beginning your application.


Joining the Zero Waste Squad opens doors to engaging social events, complimentary access to major UBC events, opportunities to interact with the sustainability team, and involvement with other sustainability-focused clubs. Squad members commit to volunteering for at least 3 shifts per semester, and in return, they gain access to various roles and opportunities, including:

  • Volunteering at Major Events, Engagement Stations, or Booths: Taking the opportunity to educate others about zero waste and how UBC's sorting system works.

  • Enhance Your Understanding: Participating in tours and workshops that delve into broader zero waste practices, enriching both knowledge and leadership skills.

  • Leading Workshops: Having the chance to lead workshops during key events, and even hosting webinars to reach a wider audience and educate fellow UBC students about waste management.

  • Sharing Expertise: Becoming a guest lecturer across different faculties to share insights that promote sustainability practices.

  • Facility Tours: Guiding tours that provide an inside look into waste management facilities, shedding light on the waste lifecycle and inspiring more conscious decision-making.

  • Social Engagement: Participating in enjoyable social events that not only acknowledge dedication but also provide a platform to connect with fellow Squad members and sustainability club participants, fostering a sense of community.


As a member of the Zero Waste Squad, you commit to:

  • Attending a one-time volunteer training session
  • Volunteering for 3 shifts per semester
  • Demonstrating your passion for zero waste and climate action
  • Attending campus events, activities and outreach initiatives (e.g. Imagine Day, Jumpstart, Student Orientations, Apple Festival, residence engagement and outreach)
  • Helping community members sort their waste properly by letting them know what goes in each bin
  • Providing information about zero waste and the zero waste action plan at UBC
  • Helping organize outreach and engagement events 




If you have any questions regarding the Zero Waste Squad program or your application, please get in touch. Or if you are interested in more opportunities for engagement or developing leadership skills and are looking to get something more from the role, contact us below with your ideas. 

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