As a climate expert, be a part of the broader movement to create a more interdisciplinary and climate aware, engaged, and active campus. 

This year's cohort has been finalized.

Thank you to all those who applied for this year's cohort. Stay tuned for future application calls as we look to include a broader community of climate experts in the coming years.

Eligibility and compensation

For our pilot year, we have recruited UBC postdoctoral fellows and graduate students with teaching experience in climate change and climate justice-related topics as climate experts. In following years, we plan to expand our cohort to faculty, staff, Indigenous knowledge holders, research associates, and lab managers.

A new cohort of experts will be selected at the beginning of each academic year (September to August). Course instructors can then browse and request 50- or 80-minute guest lectures from these experts for their undergraduate courses.

Funding for the pilot year is administered by the UBC Sustainability Initiative and climate experts will receive a base rate of $150 per 50-minute lecture and $180 per 80-minute lecture.

Working with Instructors

Course instructors requesting experts from the Climate Teaching Connector will be required to provide their request 2-4 weeks in advance, along with a course syllabus from which the instructor and expert will co-identify one or more learning outcomes from the guest lecture.

Instructors will additionally be asked to incorporate a small in-class assessment related to the guest lecture to encourage student engagement.

This collaborative approach helps to integrate guest lectures into course content and match the level of this content with students.

Submit your application

This year's cohort has been finalized.

We hope to open the next round of applications in Spring 2021.


Email our project lead, UBC Climate Hub’s Pablo Akira Beimler, at