The Sustainability Consultants provide consultation services to students and student groups on campus. The program is designed to help students make their events sustainable as well as provide information on sustainability resources, including courses, programs, and involvement opportunities.

If you are a student looking at putting together an event on campus and are interested in ways that you can make your event more sustainable, or looking for ways to get involved, contact a Sustainability Consultant to help you plan and execute an event that encompasses and champions economic, social and environmental sustainability.

In addition, you can check out The Sustainabillity Event Planning Checklist and Guide links below, developed by the Sustainability Ambassadors. This guide offers a resource for student groups, staff, faculty, and anyone interested in hosting an event, to ensure that it is run sustainably. If you have any questions, please contact the Sustainability Ambassadors here.

Sustainability Event Planning Checklist

Sustainability Event Planning Guide


Resource Documentaries

Imagine over a thousand more hands sorting the right waste into the right bins, and people taking 5 minute showers instead of 20. We believe that providing the knowledge and tips needed to have a smaller footprint will encourage students to do so. The sustainability ambassadors (2017-2018) are working with campus stakeholders and film students to develop 4 short 5 minute documentaries that will be integrated into student training, viewed at events and turned into a UBC student facilitation tool. 

The documentaries are available below. For the facilitation package, please contact the sustainability consultants at 


  • Wasted. A video series: Waste.

  • Wasted. A video series: Water.

  • Wasted. A video series: Energy.

  • Wasted. A video series: Food.





What is the purpose of your short documentaries?

The purpose of our film is to raise awareness (target audience UBC community) on where we get everyday energy, water and food from on campus. The purpose is to show them their average carbon footprint, and what they can do to lower it.

What do you want your short documentaries to do?

We want our film to educate as many people as possible on all the processes there are to get everyday needs like electricity, water and food. We would like to enlighten them on how very blessed we are in regards to our lifestyles, but at the same time show them the carbon footprint it causes, making them change their lifestyles.

What do you want folks to walk away with or how do you want them to feel?

We want them to walk away with an understanding of how much energy, water, and food is consumed as well as wasted on a typical day. We want to show them how big of an impact they can cause by altering their lifestyles in tiny ways.

What is the key message?

The key message of our film is to demonstrate where we get our energy from, which many just take for granted. By doing so, people will think twice about taking longer showers or throwing food in the trash instead of composting.