Sustainability Consulting

The Sustainability Consultants provide consultation services to students and student groups on campus. The program is designed to help students make their events sustainable as well as provide information on sustainability resources, including courses, programs, and involvement opportunities.

If you are a student looking at putting together an event on campus and are interested in ways that you can make your event more sustainable, or looking for ways to get involved, contact a Sustainability Consultant to help you plan and execute an event that encompasses and champions economic, social and environmental sustainability.

In addition, you can check out The Sustainabillity Event Planning Checklist and Guide links below, developed by the Sustainability Ambassadors. This guide offers a resource for student groups, staff, faculty, and anyone interested in hosting an event, to ensure that it is run sustainably. If you have any questions, please contact the Sustainability Ambassadors here.

Sustainability Event Planning Checklist

Sustainability Event Planning Guide