Find paid opportunities working on sustainability-related projects with units at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability at UBC through the 2022-23 Winter Session of the Work Learn program.

Join the Sustainability Hub, UBC Climate Hub, or Campus + Community Planning through UBC's Work Learn program. From addressing the climate emergency to supporting research and knowledge mobilization, we have plenty of opportunities for you to integrate sustainability into your work. 

Sustainability Hub

WL S23 Sustainability Innovation Graduate Assistant

Work on innovative sustainability programs and projects including the Fraser Estuary Research Collaborative, and the Making Climate Research Accessible project with the UBC Learning Exchange and community partners. A chance to work with the Sustainability Hub's Senior Director and an amazing and fun team at the Hub!

WL S23 Climate Emergency Campus Engagement, Project Assistant

Join the Sustainability Hub’s Climate Emergency Response team to plan and coordinate events, develop creative outreach materials and resources, and manage the Climate Emergency website, engaging with groups across UBC to advance climate commitments and embed climate justice across UBC activities.

WL S23 Sustainability Hub Program Assistant USH

The Program Assistant will work closely with the managers of the Sustainability Scholars Program and Faculty Engagement Program and support a range of activities, including research to update contact and information databases, uploading reports to the project library, supporting the recruitment process, coordinating meetings, preparing contracts and invoices, assisting with program evaluation, and preparing blog posts and announcements.

WL S23 Sustainability Ambassadors: Biodiversity Lead

The Biodiversity Lead will develop and facilitate programming for the Biodiversity cohort of ambassadors to meaningfully engage with the biodiversity crises through interdisciplinary and experiential learning opportunities, mentorship, and networking. Students in this cohort will learn to integrate critical biodiversity topics such as citizen science, urban ecology, and global connections through applied research projects which tackle research questions posed by campus partners and policymakers.

WL S23 Sustainability Ambassadors: Climate Lead

In partnership with the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) the Climate Lead will support development and coordination of the climate-focused programming of the Sustainability Ambassadors Program. Students in this cohort will engage with the concept of sustainability through a climate lens, including the fundamental understanding of climate, how and why it is changing, and what we need to do to protect it. Students will learn to integrate climate science, societal knowledge, and self in working towards the climate emergency.

WL S23 Sustainability Ambassadors: Climate Action Mobilization Lead

In partnership with the Centre for Community Engaged Learning, the Climate Action Mobilization Lead will develop and facilitate programming for the ambassadors to engage in collective action by co-creating innovative climate solutions in collaboration with community partners to help transform neighbourhoods and communities on and off-campus.

WL S23 Sustainability Ambassadors: Circular Economy Lead

In partnership with the Campus and Community Planning, the Circular Economy Lead will develop and facilitate programming for the circular economy cohort, through the lens of UBC’s Climate Emergency report and the Climate Action Plan (CAP 2030). Students in this cohort will explore how principles of climate justice are particularly relevant when developing climate actions related to food systems, commuting and business air travel, and identify and implement solutions integral to shifting cultural norms, while ensuring an equitable approach.

WL S23 Sustainability Ambassadors: Climate & Movement Lead

In partnership with UBC Wellbeing and Office of Physical Activity, the Climate & Movement Lead will engage with physical activity and sustainability to support the work in promoting movement and building resilience through a climate action lens. The Lead will develop programming and support facilitation in the cohort that address sedentary behaviour through active transportation and off-campus movement opportunities.

WL S23 Sustainability Ambassadors: Emotional Resilience Lead

In partnership with the Edith Lando Learning Centre, the Emotional Resilience Lead will develop and facilitate programming for the Emotional Resilience (ER) cohort, to support development and coordination of climate change and emotional resilience focused programming of the Sustainability Ambassadors Program. Students in the Emotional Resilience cohort will engage with their own emotional response to the climate crisis while exploring and designing engaging community outreach resources and materials, including educational toolkits and modules.


Climate hub

WL S23 Youth Climate Ambassador Project (YCAP) Lead

The YCAP Lead will engage in workshops, coordination, and development to facilitate action- and hope-oriented climate change conversations for youth at middle schools and high schools.

WL S23 Climate Policy Lead

The Climate Policy Lead will work with the UBC Climate Hub and Campus + Community Planning to support cross-unit collaboration on climate justice policy at UBC.


CAmpus + Community Planning

WL S23 Climate and Sustainability Engagement Assistant

The Engagement Assistant will work closely with staff of Campus + Community Planning (C+CP) within Sustainability and Engineering, to support the Climate Action Plan 2030 engagement portfolio, with significant work dedicated to the Workplace Sustainability Coordinator Program and the launch of the Sustainable Campus Program. Duties may include supporting the implementation of program, campaign, communication materials, and engagement activities.

WL S23 Green Labs Program Assistant

The Green Labs Program Assistant will work to support Green Labs programming. This will include researching and supporting planning and implementation of resource conservation projects and stakeholder engagement campaigns. This work directly supports Zero Waste and Climate Action Plan targets.