Sustainability Coordinator Program

The Sustainability Coordinator (SC) Program provides UBC staff members with opportunities and resources to promote and implement sustainable practices in their departments.

About the Program

Developed at UBC in 1999, the Sustainability Coordinator Program offers staff members the support, awareness, skills and tools they need to foster sustainability in their respective departments.

Using two to four hours of work time per month, with supervisor permission, SCs help to:

  • inspire colleagues to make changes in energy consumption, waste, food, purchasing, transportation, and more;
  • deliver information about the ecological impact of daily workplace activities;
  • identify sustainability initiatives for their departments;
  • communicate UBC sustainability policies, procedures, news and events; and
  • make sustainability easy and fun.

UBC Campus Sustainability provides SCs with training and step-by-step tools to generate positive change at the unit level.

By becoming Sustainability Coordinators, UBC staff members get to:

  • Join the network of over 80 coordinators across campus
  • Attend sustainability-focused educational events and networking sessions
  • Develop skills through sustainability-related training sessions
  • Make a difference in the workplace

Apply Now

E-mail the SC Program Manager to learn more about becoming a Sustainability Coordinator, or to receive the SC Program application form.

Please note: all prospective SCs must have the permission of their supervisor or director to participate in the program.

For staff, faculty, and students working in labs, please contact to find out more about becoming a Lab Sustainability Coordinator.

Sustainability Coordinator Resources

Sustainability Coordinator Orientation Guide

The Sustainability Coordinator Program Orientation Guide provides new and current Sustainability Coordinators with a comprehensive introduction to the SC Program and a handy directory of UBC Sustainability resources and information.

Sustainability Coordinator Toolkit

The Sustainability Coordinator Toolkit provides Sustainability Coordinators with UBC-specific resources to encourage sustainable behaviours in the workplace. Each toolkit provides a quick topic overview, simple step-by-step instructions, ideas for feedback and recognition and links to other resources, to keep you and your colleagues informed, inspired and motivated.

Workshops and Trainings

Our Workshops and Trainings provide sustainability learning, professional development and networking opportunities for staff and faculty.

Workplace Sustainability Fund

The Workplace Sustainability Fund awards Sustainability Coordinators with up to $1,000 to support sustainability initiatives in their units.

Employee Sustainability Guide

The Employee Sustainability Guide educates staff about basic waste reduction, energy conservation, green event planning and sustainable purchasing practices.