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UBC researchers are expert in a number of sustainability-related disciplines.

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Fuller, Sylvia
Faculty: Arts
Department: Sociology
Research Interests: Work and Labour, Inequality, Gender, Economic Sociology, Social Policy, Welfare state restructuring and economic security.
Galla, Candace
Faculty: Education
Department: Language and Literacy Education
Research Interests: Indigenous language education; Indigenous language revitalization; Multimedia technology; Native American linguistics; Performative arts
Garrard, Greg
Faculty: Creative and Critical Studies
Department: Critical Studies
Research Interests: Environmental literature and philosophy; cultural aspects of climate change; Critical Animal Studies; environmental education; ecocriticism
Gergel, Sarah
Faculty: Forestry
Department: Forest and Conservation Sciences
Research Interests: Landscape change, riparian and floodplain ecology, conservation mappingnorth
Ghomshei, Mory
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Engineering
Unit: Mining Engineering
Research Interests: Energy resources and technology. Persian literature in modern life and post modern movement.
Gill, Hartej
Faculty: Education
Department: Educational Studies
Research Interests: Social Justice education and leadership, cultural and ecological studies
Girling, Cynthia
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Research Interests: Sustainable Communities; Visualization and Community Engagement
Glassheim, Eagle
Faculty: Arts
Department: History
Research Interests: Environmental history
Glassman, Jim
Faculty: Arts
Department: Geography
Research Interests: Regional economic growth, political and economic decentralizations
Gleason, Mona
Faculty: Education
Department: Educational Studies
Research Interests: Children and youth, Gender studies, History of education, Social justice
Goelman, Hillel
Faculty: Education
Department: Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
Research Interests: Early childhood development, Social policy implications of child development research
Goold, Benjamin
Faculty: Law
Research Interests: Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Privacy, Surveillance, and Security
Gordillo, Gaston
Faculty: Arts
Department: Anthropology
Research Interests: Terrain and the materiality of space; violence; affect; ruins and ruination; critical theory and continental philosophy; protests and insurrections; the soy boom and resistance to agribusiness; Latin America, Argentina, the Gran Chaco.
Grace, John
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Engineering
Unit: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Research Interests: Capture of CO2, gasification and combustion of biomass, hydrogen generation. Absorption of heavy metals, spreading of POP's in the environment.
Graham, Sean
Faculty: Science
Department: Botany
Research Interests: Plant systematics and evolution, Plant deep phylogeny, Evolutionary biodiversity, Comparative genomics .
Grauer, Kit
Faculty: Education
Department: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Research Interests: Art Education Research, Curriculum Studies Research, Higher Education, Media, Semiotics, Text Studies, Pedagogy, Teacher Research
Grayston, Sue
Faculty: Forestry
Department: Forest and Conservation Sciences
Research Interests: Indicators of forest sustainability, stable isotopes and molecular biology
Green, David
Faculty: Arts
Department: Vancouver School of Economics
Research Interests: Determinants of the wage and employment structure, bridging between macro labour (worrying about general equilibrium effects) and micro labour identification issues
Green, Sheldon
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Engineering
Unit: Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Fluid Mechanics; Liquid Sprays; Papermaking; Biomechanics; Building Ventilation
Griess, Verena
Faculty: Forestry
Department: Forest Resources Management
Research Interests: Economics, forest management, modelling, silviculture, simulation, stand dynamics.