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UBC researchers are expert in a number of sustainability-related disciplines.

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Cronk, Quentin
Faculty: Science
Department: Botany
Research Interests: Plant evolution and molecular genetics of development, invasive plants, biodiversity
Currie, Dawn
Faculty: Arts
Department: Sociology
Research Interests: Girls’ school-based peer cultures, adolescent femininity, critical literacy for youth
Currie, Leanne
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Nursing
Research Interests: Health informatics, clinical decision support systems, clinical decision making, human computer interface and visual analytics.
Dahinten, Susan
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Nursing
Research Interests: Social determinants and processes of child development. Public health efforts at identification, intervention and the prevention of developmental problems.
Dahmen, Joe
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Research Interests: Energy and architecture, passive design, sustainable architectural materials,  environmental control systems. 
Daniels, Lori
Faculty: Forestry
Department: Forest and Conservation Sciences
Research Interests: Forest management, natural climatic, and human impacts of forest dynamics, environmental protections, natural resource use
Dauvergne, Catherine
Faculty: Law
Research Interests: Immigration and refugee law in Canada and around the world.
Dauvergne, Peter
Faculty: Arts
Department: Political Science |Liu Institute for Global Issues
Research Interests: Human ecology, politics of global environmental change, sustainable consumption, corporate social responsibility
Davies, Hugh
Faculty: Medicine
Department: Population and Public Health
Research Interests: Occupational health, epidemiology and exposure assessment, noise and its effects on hearing, stress and the heart
Davis, Henry
Faculty: Arts
Department: Linguistics
Research Interests: Critically endangered indigenous languages of BC, in particular, those of the Salish, Wakashan, and Tsimshianic families.
De Angelis, Franco
Faculty: Arts
Department: Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies
Research Interests: Ancient Greek world history (Early Iron Age to Hellenistic period); migrations and diasporas; environment, urbanism, development of societies, colonization, economics, regional identities; multi- and interdisciplinary approaches, especially relationship between texts and material culture; cross-cultural, comparative, and theoretical approaches; in my teaching I stress the importance of geography (land, climate, etc), natural resources, and population and how they shape historical developments in the ancient Greek world; this is done in both my general survey history course and in the specialized thematic courses (Athenian Empire; Alexander the Great) listed on this sustainability website.
DeLongis, Anita
Faculty: Arts
Department: Psychology
Research Interests: Health psychology; stress; close relationships; coping with chronic illness.
DeWreede, Rob
Faculty: Science
Department: Botany
Research Interests: Ecology of marine intertidal environments, macroalgae
Dipple, Gregory
Faculty: Science
Department: Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Research Interests: Carbon sequestration identifies and evaluates novel CO2 fixation pathways that offset anthropogenic greenhouse gas production. Driving forces for mineral reactions with a focus on fluid-rock interactions.
Dobson, Teresa
Faculty: Education
Department: Language and Literacy Education
Research Interests: Digital literacy and digital culture, digital humanities, text visualization, literary engagement in multiple media, writing and multimodality, literary education.
Donner, Simon
Faculty: Arts
Department: Geography
Research Interests: Climate change, climate and environmental policy, coral reefs, marine conservation, science communication
Dorcey, Anthony
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Community and Regional Planning
Research Interests: Land-use planning, river basin management, water governance, negotiation and mediation in sustainability planning
Dowlatabadi, Hadi
Faculty: Science
Department: Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability
Research Interests: Energy, environment, and public health, communicable and vector-borne diseases, global (climate) change mitigation, impacts, and adaptation, human-environment interactions
Duff, David
Faculty: Law
Research Interests: Environmental taxation
Duff, Sheldon
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Engineering
Unit: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Research Interests: Pulp mill effluent treatment; environmental engineering