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UBC researchers are expert in a number of sustainability-related disciplines.

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Buchanan, Marla
Faculty: Education
Department: Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
Research Interests: Counsellor Stress, Narrative Inquiry, School Counselling, Traumatic Stress
Bulkan, Janette
Faculty: Forestry
Department: Forest Resources Management
Research Interests: Aboriginal forestry
Bull, Gary
Faculty: Forestry
Department: Forest Resources Management
Research Interests: Economics of ecosystem services, international trade in forest products, modelling the impacts of biotechnology, sustainability in fibre supply chains
Bungay, Victoria
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Nursing
Research Interests: Addiction, Equity, Ethics, Gender and Women’s Studies, Health Care, Human Rights, Labour, Race.
Burgess, Mike
Faculty: Medicine
Department: Medical Genetics
Research Interests: Ethical and social issues related to genomics and biotechnology
Bushe, Kendal
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Engineering
Unit: Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Clean burning engines, combustion, thermal power generation, computational fluid dynamics, alternate energy systems
Bustin, Marc
Faculty: Science
Department: Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Research Interests: Reservoir characterisation of unconventional petroleum resources, gas shales and oil producing shales, coalbed methane
Butterwick, Shauna
Faculty: Education
Department: Educational Studies
Research Interests: Adult education, Gender studies, Policy, Social justice, Workplace learning
Byers, Michael
Faculty: Arts
Department: Political Science
Research Interests: Climate change, environmental security, human security, international law, foreign policy, Arctic
Callison, Candis
Faculty: Arts
Department: Journalism
Research Interests: Changes to media practices and platforms, journalism ethics, the role of social movements in public discourse, and understanding how issues related to science and technology become meaningful for diverse publics.
Calvert, Steve
Faculty: Science
Department: Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Research Interests: Factors responsible for the wide compositional variability of marine sediments, the controls on organic matter burial and nutrient utilization in the ocean, and to use this information to interpret past oceanographic and climatic changes from sediment core records.
Cameron, Ann
Faculty: Arts
Department: Psychology
Research Interests: Cross-cultural studies of lying and truth telling, emergent literacy (specifically, written expression), children’s telephone communications, young children and teenagers’s humour, cultural studies of early years and adolescent resilience, psychosocial stress reactivity.
Carenini, Giuseppe
Faculty: Science
Department: Computer Science
Research Interests: Developing (group) decision _x000D_support systems (DSS) that can help community planners identify solutions which balance environmental, _x000D_economic and social goals. These systems are designed to be scalable, adaptable and flexible to allow fair _x000D_assessment of new ideas and technologies. Our DSSs facilitate the exploration of alternative solutions by visualizing the effect of various trade-offs and their consequences in relation to sustainability goals and_x000D_ preferences of the different decision stakeholders.
Carpiano, Richard
Faculty: Arts
Department: Sociology
Research Interests: Medical sociology, public and population health, community sociology and research methods (including measurement and research design).
Carroll, Allan
Faculty: Forestry
Department: Forest and Conservation Sciences
Research Interests: Role of climate change in the population dynamics and impacts of eruptive forest insects, Coevolution of insect-plant interactions, Integrated management of forest insect populations, Advanced techniques for detection and monitoring of forest insect population
Cenfetelli, Ronald
Faculty: Sauder School of Business
Research Interests: Human computer interaction, E-Business, IT-mediated customer service, Negative aspects of technology, Structural equation modeling, Survey research techniques, Multi-level modeling
Chan, Jennifer
Faculty: Education
Department: Educational Studies
Research Interests: Gender and human rights, globalization, transnational social movements, global citizenship
Chan, Kai
Faculty: Science
Department: Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability
Research Interests: Conservation planning for ecosystem services, invasive and native infestation, environmental ethics
Chandler, Michael
Faculty: Arts
Department: Psychology
Research Interests: Role of culture in identity development, shaping young people’s emerging sense of ownership of their personal and cultural past, and their commitment to their own and their community’s future well being.
Chang, Stephanie
Faculty: Applied Science | Science
Department: Community and Regional Planning | Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability
Research Interests: Urban planning, natural disasters, risk management, GIS, transportation and other urban infrastructure systems