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Wong, Vincent
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Engineering
Unit: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Interests: Demand side management in smart grid; PHEV charging and vehicle-to-grid systems; Control and management of microgrids.
Wood, John
Faculty: Arts
Department: Political Science
Research Interests: Community Natural Resource Management. Impact on poverty of new community-based institutions at the village level designed to manage water, forests and fishing in 35 villages of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh states.
Wood, Paul
Faculty: Forestry
Department: Forest Resources Management
Research Interests: Anthropogenic environmental changes, sustainability
Woollard, Bob
Faculty: Medicine
Department: Family Practice
Unit: Research Office
Research Interests: Health, development and ecosystem sustainability, medical education, family practice
Wright, Handel
Faculty: Education
Department: Educational Studies
Research Interests: Children and youth, Cultural studies, International and Comparative Education, Multiculturalism, Post-colonial studies, Race/ethnicity, Research methodologies
Wyly, Elvin
Faculty: Arts
Department: Geography
Research Interests: Social and spatial inequality, urban housing and labor markets
Wynn, Graeme
Faculty: Arts
Department: Geography
Research Interests: Attitudes toward human nature and non-human nature. Changing geographical patterns of settlement, economy, and culture in Canada.
Yadav, Vikramaditya
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Engineering
Unit: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Research Interests: Metabolic & enzyme engineering to investigate and customise novel biosynthetic enzymes that can convert biomass-derived feedstocks into better fuels, pharmaceuticals and value-added chemicals. We also extend these principles to the design and development of unique bioremediation strategies to rehabilitate the water quality in and around industrial zones. In addition to green engineering, my research group also pursues medical biotechnology research, and we are working extensively on infectious disease drug discovery, drug delivery and tissue engineering. I am an enthusiastic proponent of application-oriented science and knowledge translation for development of low-cost technologies, and my group actively collaborates with local start-ups, industry, academic groups and medical research laboratories. Our work is fostering innovation in a strategic domain for Canada._x000D_ Specific research interests: Biocatalysis, bioremediation, bioprocess engineering, drug delivery, infectious disease pathogenesis & drug discovery, green chemistry, medical biotechnology, metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, tissue engineering
Yassi, Annalee
Faculty: Medicine
Department: Population and Public Health
Research Interests: Global Health and Capacity Building. Community Medicine and Occupational Medicine.
Yodanis, Carrie
Faculty: Arts
Department: Sociology
Research Interests: Gender and inequality from a cross-national perspective. Division of housework, management of money in marriage, violence against women, and occupational and class segregation. Marriage across cultures and examines how dominant marital beliefs and practices shape women’s status and well-being within and outside of marriage.
Young, Margot
Faculty: Law
Research Interests: Equality law and theory; Social and Economic Rights; Comparative Constitutional Law; Social Welfare Law; Canadian Social Union
Zeigler, Barbara
Faculty: Arts
Department: Art History, Visual Art and Theory 
Research Interests: Evolving relationship between human culture and the ecosphere
Zellar, Dirk
Faculty: Science
Department: Fisheries Centre
Unit: Sea Around Us
Research Interests: Tropical marine biology
Zerriffi, Hisham
Faculty: Arts
Department: Liu Institute for Global Issues
Research Interests: Inter-disciplinary approaches to research problems at the intersection of technology, environment and development. Affordable energy, biomass stoves in India, sustainable development, climate change financing, sustainable business models
Zhao, Jiaying
Faculty: Arts | Science
Department: Psychology | Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability
Research Interests: Behavioral change, Policy and Decision-making, Resource scarcity, Sustainability
Zidek, James
Faculty: Science
Department: Statistics
Research Interests: Evironmental statistics; trends in the engineering properties of lumber under climate change.
Zumbo, Bruno
Faculty: Education
Department: Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
Research Interests: Philosophy of Science, Psychometrics, Quality of Life and Well Being, Research Design, Statistical Science, Theoretical and Applied Measurement, Health and Human Development.