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Blake, Robert
Faculty: Science
Department: Zoology
Research Interests: Mechanistic and evolutionary adaption in fish in natural and anthropogenic environmental changes
Boardman, Anthony
Faculty: Sauder School of Business
Department: Strategy and Business Economics Division
Research Interests: The social discount rate, that is, the discount rate that should be used, from society's perspective, to evaluate projects or programs with some impacts that occur far in the future_x000D_. The social cost of electronic waste recycling in China_x000D_. Social impact bonds and the efficiency of for-profit organizations providing social goods
Bobinski, Mary Anne
Faculty: Law
Research Interests: Health Law, Bioethics, HIV Law & Policy, Reproductive Law & Policy, Comparative Health Law, Torts
Bohlmann, Jorg
Faculty: Unknown
Department: Michael Smith Laboratories
Research Interests: Plantation forests, productivity, genomics
Bombardini, Matilde
Faculty: Arts
Department: Vancouver School of Economics
Research Interests: International trade, political economy, applied microeconomics, international macroeconomics
Bomke, Arthur
Faculty: Land and Food Systems
Research Interests: On-farm composting practices, use of yard trimming on agricultural land, management of manure as fertilizer, soil health assessment for organic farmers
Booth, Kellogg
Faculty: Science
Department: Computer Science
Research Interests: Collaboration technology, human-computer interaction, interactive computer graphics, and user interface design
Boothroyd, Peter
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Community and Regional Planning
Research Interests: Community-based planning, sustainability and equity. Urban policy, social planning, impact assessment, and community development.
Bowie, William
Faculty: Medicine
Department: Division of Infectious Diseases
Research Interests: Determinants of infectious diseases, global health
Boyd, Susan
Faculty: Law
Research Interests: Feminist Legal Theory, Family, Law and Gender, Law and Sexuality, Parenthood Law, Child Custody Law, Law and Social Justice
Bradfield, Gary
Faculty: Science
Department: Botany
Research Interests: Plant community ecology, subalipine forest ecology
Brauer, Fred
Faculty: Science
Department: Mathematics
Research Interests: Air quality and health, health impacts of environmental contaminants, environmental health, built environment, transportation and health
Brauer, Mike
Faculty: Medicine
Department: Bridge Program
Research Interests: Air pollution exposure assessment and health effects; Transportation and air quality; Biomass air pollution; Built environnment and health
Brauner, Colin
Faculty: Science
Department: Zoology
Research Interests: Environmental adaptations (both mechanistic and evolutionary) in relation to gas-exchange, acid-base balance and ion regulation in fish, integrating responses from the molecular, cellular and organismal level. Degree to which physiological systems can adapt/acclimate to natural and anthropogenic environmental changes. Aquaculture, toxicology and water quality criteria development, fisheries management.
Brinkerhoff, Joshua
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Engineering
Research Interests: Fluid mechanics relating flows in industrial, environmental, and biomedical applications. The primary research focus is on how flow instabilities, transition, and turbulence affect the performance and efficiency of the turbomachinery equipment used in the oil and gas industries, aiming to increase efficiency to improve cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability. Further research interests includes the simulation of multiphase, turbulent flows to study compressed and liquefied natural gas (CNG and LNG) systems and for modelling the dispersion of atmospheric pollutants in urban and rural environments. The research approach consists primarily of large-scale computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations._x000D_ _x000D_ Further sustainability research interests include:_x000D_ • Instability and transition in advanced turbomachinery: Development of algebraic models to predict the onset and growth rate of laminar-to-turbulent transition in LNG turbomachinery. Interaction of aerodynamic and phase instabilities in cavitating turbopumps or turboexpanders. Heat transfer and instability effects in shear-layer mixing. Noise reduction methods for aeroderivative gas turbine engines._x000D_ • Atmospheric dispersion modelling: Effects of turbulence on the transport of gaseous and particulate pollutants in rural, industrial, and urban settings. Simulation of accidental gas release._x000D_ • Compressed natural gas automotive fuel systems: Simulation and optimization of CNG fast-fill systems for commercial vehicle._x000D_ • Vortex-induced vibration in pipeline watercourse crossings: Development of a CFD-based simulation tool for predicting failure risk due to vortex-induced vibrations for gas or oil pipelines at watercourse crossings._x000D_
Brock, Linda
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Research Interests: Masonry forensics, energy efficient housing
Brondani, Mario
Faculty: Dentistry
Research Interests: Dental education and translation for geriatrics in languages such as Chinese, Punjabi and Korean. Public Dental Health and acesss (outreach initiatives) and Community Service Learning. Sexually Transmitted Infections (HPV, HIV), access barriers for marginalized populations, HIV rapid testing in dental offices.
Brown, Loch
Faculty: Arts
Department: Geography
Unit: Environment and Sustainability
Research Interests: Theory and practice of sustainable development, with the majority of my work to date focusing on development-related challenges facing Sub-Saharan Africa; Human environment interactions
Browne, Annette
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Nursing
Research Interests: Health and healthcare inequities, with a particular focus on health inequities affecting indigenous peoples. Access to healthcare, women’s health, cultural safety, and primary health care interventions to improve health outcomes for marginalized populations. Promoting health equity through improvements in nursing practice, health care delivery, and health policy.
Bryson, Mary
Faculty: Arts
Department: Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
Research Interests: Communication, gender, sexuality, culture, informatics, media, health informatics, technology, and women's issues