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UBC researchers are expert in a number of sustainability-related disciplines.

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Baines, Erin
Faculty: Arts
Department: Liu Institute for Global Issues
Research Interests: Gender and armed conflict, humanitarianism, youth and children and armed conflict, transitional justice
Bakan, Joel
Faculty: Law
Research Interests: Constitutional Law, Legal Theory, Socio-Legal Studies
Bakker, Karen
Faculty: Arts
Department: Geography
Research Interests: My work bridges the natural and social sciences at the nexus of political ecology, political economy, and urban studies, particularly where those fields intersect with “sustainability science”.
Baldwin, Susan
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Engineering
Unit: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Research Interests: Design and control of complex, multi-phase reactors from blood coagulation to mineral dissolution and precipitation. Reaction kinetics, thermodynamics.
Banack, Hartley
Faculty: Education
Department: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Research Interests: Outdoor education, environmental education, place-based education, philosophy of education, sociology of education, teacher education, community-based education
Banthia, Nemy
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Engineering
Unit: Civil Engineering
Research Interests: Sustainable civil infrastructure, low carbon foot-print building materials, recycling, life cycle management   
Barichello, Rick
Faculty: Land and Food Systems
Department: Food and Resource Economics
Research Interests: Capitalization of Government program benefits, Analysis of quota systems and quota markets, Analyzing the effects of selected agricultural policy instruments, Trade, Industrial and Agricultural Policy Reform in South East Asian countries, Economics of raw material export bans
Barker, John
Faculty: Arts
Department: Anthropology
Research Interests: Religious change among Indigenous peoples in colonial and post-colonial Oceania and British Columbia. History of anthropological research in Canada.
Baron, Andrew
Faculty: Arts
Department: Psychology
Research Interests: Development of social cognition with a particular emphasis on characterizing the mechanisms (cultural and cognitive) that shape the acquisition and development of implicit intergroup cognition (e.g., social category concepts, attitudes, stereotypes and identity). Construction of social knowledge structures in children such as those that underlie intergroup prejudice.
Barr, Peter
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Engineering
Unit: Materials Engineering
Research Interests: Rotary kilns, steel reheating furnaces, greenhouse gas issues
Bartlett, Karen
Faculty: Medicine
Department: Bridge Program
Research Interests: Bioaerosols, occupational and environmental microbiology, indoor air quality, impact of built environment
Bass, John
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Research Interests: Contested landscapes resilient communties
Baum, Bruce
Faculty: Arts
Department: Political Science
Research Interests: Critical social theory (including critical "race" theory, feminist theory, critical hermeneutics, and issues of cross-cultural interpretation), liberal and democratic theory, American political thought, the political theories of Mill and Marx, and philosophy of political inquiry.
Beatty, Thomas
Faculty: Science
Department: Microbiology and Immunology
Research Interests: General areas of bacterial molecular biology, physiology and genetics, with an emphasis on the regulation of gene expression, and protein structure and function.
Belliveau, George
Faculty: Education
Department: Language and Literacy Education
Research Interests: Art Education; Artistic and Aesthetic Development; Drama Education; Pedagogy; Teacher Research
Benedet, Janine
Faculty: Law
Research Interests: Criminal Law, Sex Equality, Employment Discrimination, Violence Against Women, Sexual Harassment Law
Bennett, Chris
Faculty: Land and Food Systems
Research Interests: Land Governance; Project Monitoring and Evaluation
Berlinguette, Curtis
Faculty: Science | Applied Science
Department: Chemistry | Engineering
Unit: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Research Interests: Advanced solar cells, energy storage, solar fuels
Bertram, Allan
Faculty: Science
Department: Chemistry
Research Interests: Atmospheric (tropospheric) chemistry, physical chemistry of aerosols, urban air pollution
Berube, Pierre
Faculty: Applied Science
Department: Engineering
Unit: Civil Engineering
Research Interests: Water treatment/ quality