Signature Projects

Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility Interior. Credit: McFarland Marceau Architects

UBC’s signature research projects highlight the University’s commitment to transform the entire campus into a living laboratory. Through integration and innovation, UBC demonstrates the application of sustainability and inspires change beyond the campus.

Four signature projects and an investment by the University of $150 million exemplify UBC’s commitments to sustainability: 

Along with these signature projects, other projects underway at the various Centres, Institutes and Groups facilitate interdisciplinary sustainability research at UBC possible. 

Critical to many of the research projects are private, public and NGO sector partners.  In addition, the University’s teaching mandate ensures faculty and students are involved at all levels of research.  Finally, UBC integrates academics and campus operations by having operational personnel provide invaluable data and insight for research and support to ensure successful, practical outcomes.