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Canada ranks third in the world for animal movement between protected areas, finds new UBC research.

Nature is Right- Legal Recognition of Nature’s Rights

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Engagement Recap: Re-storying our Relations with the Natural World – Mother Trees Forest Walk

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UBC strengthens track record as global sustainability leader in higher education

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Podcast: F is for Faculty - Dr. Aaron Boley

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A podcast series on sustainability and climate action brought to you by the Sustainability Hub. In each episode, we’ll introduce you to what a UBC faculty member is doing to advance sustainability and climate action through research and teaching, and they’ll tell you what they want you to DO with all this new knowledge.

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From fair-trade coffee to composting to the Farm, a new UBC Sustainable Campus Food Guide introduces students, faculty and staff to the campus food system, a pioneer in sustainable practices. “There are opportunities to support a more sustainable food system all across the UBC campus,” says Liska...
On February 14 and 15, 2013, the University of British Columbia brought together some 65 sustainability thought leaders from Sweden, the United States and Canada to explore the aspirations, key principles and practical challenges of regenerative sustainability. Pierre Ouillet, UBC Vice President-...
To what degree can human activities associated with the built environment lead to improvements in both ecological integrity and human quality of life? This is just one of the big questions some 65 sustainability thought leaders and practitioners from Sweden, Oregon, California, Massachusetts, New...
By Heather Conn Painted war canoes, hand-carved from red cedar. Cedar baskets and hats, intricately woven from long strips of bark. Tall, cedar totem poles: visual tales of family lore, mythic figures and beasts of power. For many centuries, the Haida people on the BC islands of Haida Gwaii have...
By Salina Marshall Katie O’Callaghan never imagined that her graduate studies in community and regional planning would involve police car chases. “It was exciting,” she says of riding in a squad car alongside officers. But the University of British Columbia student wasn’t in it for the action...
Overheard at Triple O’s restaurant on Main Mall this fall, as lunch patrons cleared off their trays: “It didn’t take long to get the hang of it. It’s great the composting is expanding!” “It’s really cool. About time too!” “We often have to show new customers, but most people get it.” “I just looked...
Two UBC departments — Geography and Supply Management — have completed the first stage of the Sustainable Office Certification pilot program, which aims to improve green practices in offices across campus. “Some of it is as simple as turning off the lights when you leave a room,” says Vicky Baker,...
By Nicole Read In discussions on sustainability, it is often said that we “work, study and learn in silos,” meaning that we only work, learn and make decisions within our field of study, without consulting the other perspectives that could be equally important to achieving a sustainable future. The...
UBC Professor John Richardson, along with his co-instructor Professor Scott Hinch, provides students with the opportunity to engage in what he calls “the most critical resource for sustaining humans” through their course on freshwater ecosystems. Through their Aquatic Ecosystems course, Prof...
By Salina Marshall Sarah Dekerf hopes to get UBC students thinking about sustainability beyond the basics like recycling. “Sustainability is also about society and culture and history,” explains the fourth year UBC Faculty of Arts student. “It’s interconnected in all aspects of life.” The political...