With over 400 labs, UBC’s research activities require a significant amount of energy, water and materials. The Green Labs Program offers staff, faculty and students sustainable ways to reduce the environmental impact of research at UBC.
Learn how to reduce energy and water consumption, and improve recycling in your lab
Access funding to help reduce the environmental impact of your research activities
Participate in friendly conservation competitions between labs
Get tips, toolkits, and other resources to help you implement sustainability solutions in your lab

How It Works

Anyone can take part in our Green Labs Program. We offer UBC’s research community the tools, education, and processes necessary to help reduce the environmental impact of research activities.


We welcome you to apply to become a champion for sustainability in your lab. Our program provides Sustainability Coordinators in Labs with opportunities to promote and implement sustainable practices.

Get Funding

Do you have a creative idea to make your lab or research activity more sustainable? Your innovative plan could make you the next recipient of up to $4,000.