Sustainability Ambassadors come from a range of different backgrounds, with a host of different skills. When asked why they decided to join the program, what they've learned and the skills they've gained, this is what they said:


Daniela Ramirez

Year 3, International Relations Major, Faculty of Arts

"Given the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability, the program has provided me with the opportunity to develop creative ideas and projects by working with students from different academic backgrounds.”


Carmen Kim

Year 2, Global Resource Systems Major, Faculty of Land and Food Systems

“The program has given me access to sustainability resources and connections on campus, which allows me to explore creative ideas and turn them into action.”


Khal Joyce

Year 3, Geological Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

“The program has provided me with unique opportunities to collaborate with like-minded students and professionals from multiple disciplines to promote action on sustainability across UBC.”


Julia Niebles Fernandez

Year 2, Faculty of Arts

“This program is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and build your skills. You meet many students whom you are able to connect and collaborate with on projects. You build a very valuable network of supportive peers.”


Shuli Ko

Year 2, Human Geography Major, Faculty of Arts

“Not only did I learn how sustainability is integrated in the professional realm through guest presenters, but I was inspired by the passion and drive of other ambassadors to take individual actions towards sustainability.”


Samantha Go

Faculty of Arts

“As a Sustainability Ambassador, you are given a platform to teach the community about sustainability and how these practices can be easily integrated into their daily lives.”


Sophie Rock

Faculty of Arts

“Being a Sustainability Ambassador has given me the tools to bring my ideas to life and exposed me to many diverse opinions and thoughts.”


Matt Campos

Faculty of Arts

“Being an Ambassador has helped me develop a sense of purpose thanks to my inspiring peers and the program’s mentorship. In addition to this personal growth, I’ve gained useful professional skills like event planning, grant writing, networking, and more.”


Leona Khong

Faculty of Arts

“Being a Sustainability Ambassador has opened doors to new opportunities and learning for me, including chances to impact the campus community and reach out to other student groups regarding improving sustainability. My mind has been opened to the importance of other pillars of sustainability besides just environment. Being an ambassador really makes me feel the drive and responsibility to take action on issues that need solving on campus.”

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