Sustainable Transportation Choices

Sustainable Transportation Choices

Why Promote Sustainable Transportation?

UBC is the second largest commuter destination in Metro Vancouver. In the fall of 2009, a total of 124,300 people travelled to UBC by car, truck, motorcycle, transit, bicycle, or by foot on an average weekday.

Of this total, approximately 32 per cent of trips to campus in 2009 were made in single occupancy vehicles (SOVs). Besides contributing to the more than 17 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions generated by Metro Vancouver annually, a UBC commuter can pay up to $800 a month in SOV commuting costs.

Choosing sustainable transportation just one day a week could reduce SOV trips to UBC by 20 per cent—and result in a cleaner atmosphere and more cash in commuters’ pockets. You can help your colleagues make this shift by educating them on their transportation alternatives.

How Can I Promote Sustainable Transportation In My Department?

Follow these steps to encourage your colleagues to take transit, cycle, carpool, or walk to UBC.

Step 1

Get support for your promotional efforts. Contact Campus + Community Planning to receive a series of transportation choices postcards (sent via campus mail). Place them on visible bulletin boards in hallways, kitchens and shared spaces. Contact Paul Cheng at Translink to order bike and transit maps to distribute in your department.

Step 2

Invite your colleagues to visit UBC’s Transportation Planning website, and inform them of their many transportation options. Be sure to tell them about the Emergency Ride Home program, which provides commuters who take transit, cycle, carpool, or walk to work with a reliable ride home via cab when an emergency arises.


  • UBC has ten secure bike parking facilities across campus. Inform your colleagues who cycle, or are interested in cycling, about the facility closest to your department.
  • The University also has end-of-trip facilities like showers and bike locks across campus (outlined in this map), and offers personal bike locker rentals through the Bike Co-op for $10/month! (+ taxes and a key replacement security deposit)
  • Encourage your colleagues to sign up for both summer and winter Bike to Work Week. They can join an established department team, or create a new team!


  • Promote car sharing. Let your colleagues know about the Zipcar discount for UBC Staff, and the availability of both Modo, Car 2 Go and Zipcar vehicles on campus.
  • Promote car or vanpooling as an alternative to SOV trips.

Step 3

Explore if telecommuting is an option for your department and your colleagues. Human Resources has a telework policy for Management and Professional staff.

Feedback and Recognition

  • Check in regularly with your colleagues during staff meetings to gauge if they are making sustainable transportation choices, and if they need any help or support to make the transition.
  • Acknowledge colleagues who have made the transition to sustainable transportation! Ask them to share the positive outcomes of their new transportation choice with their colleagues (eg. improvement in health, cost savings, more relaxed morning commute, etc.)

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