Discover COP resources from local and global organizations and networks including BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC), Canada Climate Action Network (CAN-Rac Canada), and more.

BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC)

BCCIC Climate Change is led by a group of committed youth under 25 years old, who are passionate about youth engagement and climate action. The BCCIC sends a youth delegation to each COP.

Canada Climate Action Network (CAN-Rac Canada)

Climate Action Network Canada – Réseau action climat Canada is a coalition of more than 100 organizations across the country that brings labour, development, faith-based, and Indigenous groups together with the key national, provincial, and territorial environmental organizations working on climate change. The network plays a critical role in helping Canadian organizations understand and respond to climate change impacts and policies, across Canada and around the world, to coordinate efforts for greatest impact.

Earth Negotiations Bulletin, International Institute for Sustainable Development

Earth Negotiations Bulletin is a balanced, timely, and independent reporting service which provides daily coverage at sustainable development negotiations and events around the world, documenting global efforts to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, sustainable land use, safe chemicals management, deep sea mining, and other global challenges. See their UNFCCC page and sign up for the newsletter here.

IISD COP26 Report

A detailed summary of COP26, including reports from each of the key meetings, some of the substantive aspects of the decisions made, and a brief analysis.

Interview: Vanessa Nakate

Vanessa Nakate is a Ugandan Climate Activist and a Young Leader for the SDGs. In this interview, Vanessa explores her vision and values as a young climate activist making an invaluable contribution to the global climate movement.


UN Climate Change Conference of Youth

The UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY) is an event under the banner of YOUNGO – the Official Youth Constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The conference takes place right before the annual UN Climate Change Conference, also known as Conference of the Parties (COP), in the same host country as the COP. COY serves as a space for capacity building and policy training, in order to prepare young people for their participation at COP.

Research and Independent Non-Governmental Organizations (RINGO) Constituency

RINGOs are one of nine NGO constituencies recognized by the UNFCCC, and the second largest, comprising 25% of the 2000 admitted NGOs. During COP, RINGOs organize daily meetings to discuss the developments of the negotiations and to share logistical information. UBC is a part of RINGO and because of this UBC COP observers can access their useful conference resources at the event.

#Youth4ClimateLive Series

#Youth4ClimateLive was an interactive virtual series of events conceived to build momentum toward the 2021 Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition event in Milan, Pre-COP26, and COP26. The Series’ nine episodes covered a wide array of climate topics, with each session convening intergenerational discussions featuring a diverse group of unstoppable youth at the forefront of creative climate action.