Collect and analyze time series data of your choice with an emphasis on climate series.

Faculty: Science
Subject: Earth and Ocean Sciences
Year / Level: 4
Theme(s): Climate Science



Local climate time series collection and analysis. Retrieval and analysis of on-line climate data and model output.

Prerequisite: EOSC 340 and one of CPSC 110, CPSC 111, CPSC 301, EOSC 211, MATH 210, PHYS 210 and one of STAT 200, STAT 241, BIOL 300.

Learning Objectives

  1. Conduct science research based on observations and data collected in the class
  2. Consider scale and scale dependence of environmental phenomena, and how those are reflected in environmental information.
  3. Appreciate the effort, potential errors and problems in collecting long-term environmental time series.
  4. Refine your use of PRECISE scientific terminology to describe your data, your question(s) and your outcomes.
  5. Find, assess and use publicly available data to critically and quantitatively evaluate scientific ideas.
  6. Apply the concepts of statistical significance, anomalies, correlation, trends, periodicity, variance and co-variance using common computational techniques.
  7. Critically evaluate scientific statements
  8. Communicate science visually and orally
  9. Work effectively as part of a group


Check SSC to see if the course is currently offered and if you meet pre-requisites etc.



Email the course instructor with your questions and to request a syllabus.



Michael Lipsen 

"Learn to analyze real environmental data sets and see the potential influence of climate change over time and space."