Physical, chemical, and biological ocean processes and interaction with climate and food-webs.

Faculty: Science
Subject: Earth and Ocean Sciences
Year / Level: 3
Theme(s): Climate Science; Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation



Physical, chemical, and biological processes in the ocean and their interaction with climate and marine food-webs.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the semester, a student that does the readings, reviews the course material, participates in the classroom and devotes time to the assignments and group project should be able to:

  1. DESCRIBE the processes that control the fates (sinking, remineralization & transfer to upper trophic levels) of marine primary productivity
  2. DESCRIBE the ocean's role in heat transfer and heat storage within the global climate system
  3. EXPLAIN how physical, chemical and biological processes in the ocean control atmospheric CO2
  4. DESCRIBE the physical, chemical and biological impacts that anthropogenic CO2 & climate change are having on the ocean
  5. EXPLAIN the presence of swift western boundary currents using vorticity arguments
  6. DESCRIBE the dynamic balances and movement characteristics of Rossby and Kelvin Waves


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Maria Maldonado-Pareja
Maite Maldonado-Pareja

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