Learn about the people behind UBC's Sustainability Planning & Engagement (SPE) team, part of the Sustainability and Engineering unit in Campus and Community Planning. The SPE Team works to empower UBC’s community for sustainable impact through leadership, social change, and resource conservation, while leading the development and implementation of climate, waste and water operational sustainability plans on the Vancouver campus.

Bud Fraser, Senior Planning & Sustainability Engineer

Email: bud.fraser@ubc.ca

Meet Bud

As Senior Planning & Sustainability Engineer within SPE, Bud oversees the implementation of climate, waste, and water sustainability plans on the UBC Vancouver campus. With a passion for environmental stewardship and a commitment to fostering positive change, Bud's mission is to support UBC's transition towards a more sustainable and resilient future. Bud strongly believes in using holistic approaches to develop solutions to planning issues, through connecting diverse collaborators, processes, and systems in order to achieve co-benefits. 




Please contact Bud if you have questions about the following:

  • Zero Waste and Circular Economy policy, planning and projects
  • Water conservation
  • Campus operational sustainability and linkages with research programs and projects


Kate Andrews, Green Labs Program Lead

Email: kate.andrews@ubc.ca

Meet Kate

As Green Labs Program Lead, Kate supports UBC researchers in minimizing the environmental impacts of laboratory-based activities by incorporating sustainable practices and technologies. Recognizing that labs are often very resource-intensive spaces, Kate understands their pivotal role in helping UBC meet its institutional sustainability goals. Kate is actively working to foster an academic culture within research labs that prioritizes sustainability, recognizing that such efforts carry significant and far-reaching implications for the future.




Please contact Kate if you have questions about the following:

  • Energy and water conservation in labs
  • Climate action campaigns
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Lab waste recycling


Gavin Esdale, Sustainable Travel Coordinator

Email: gavin.esdale@ubc.ca

Meet Gavin

As Sustainable Travel Coordinator, Gavin works to support UBC's Climate Action Plan 2030 commitment of reducing business air travel emissions by 50% (compared to 2019 levels) through quantifying and reporting university air travel emissions, conducting outreach and engagement events on campus, and through policy and project development. Gavin's work is motivated by the belief that in tackling air travel challenges in a thoughtful way, we will better UBC as an institution and improve the state of the world and the lives of humans and our non-human neighbours. 




Please contact Gavin if you have questions about the following:

  • Reducing air travel as an individual or group
  • GHG emissions estimates from air travel
  • Ideas for low-emission academic operations
  • The merits and drawbacks of virtual communication
  • Carbon offsetting


Maxi Kniewasser, Climate Action Planner

Email: maximilian.kniewasser@ubc.ca

Meet Maxi

As Climate Action Planner, Maxi is responsible for coordinating UBC’s climate change response. He works to reduce climate impacts on the UBC Vancouver campus from a wide variety of angles, ranging from energy systems, environmental policy, economics, project finance, engagement, and more. Maxi feels incredibly lucky to work on climate action and help to make a meaningful impact here at UBC. Through collaboration with committed staff, students and researchers, Maxi is working to set the university on an accelerated path towards net-zero emissions and provide a framework that other jurisdictions can follow.



Please contact Maxi if you have questions about the following:

  • Climate action
  • Environmental policy
  • Zero carbon energy technologies


Jake Li, Green Infrastructure Engineer

Email: jake.li@ubc.ca

Meet Jake

As Green Infrastructure Engineer within SPE, Jake oversees the Integrated Rainwater Management Plan for the UBC Vancouver Campus. His work helps to support the plan's 3 primary goals, 1) to reduce the flow of water off-campus, 2) to reduce the impacts of stormwater flows off-campus, 3) to maintain and enhance water quality at campus boundaries so that it meets or exceeds municipal best practices.




Please contact Jake if you have questions about UBC Vancouver's Integrated Rainwater Management Plan.



Rebecca Yuen, Sustainability Data and Reporting Manager

Email: rebecca.yuen@ubc.ca

Meet Rebecca

As Sustainability Data and Reporting Manager, Rebecca is responsible for managing a broad range of sustainability data and reporting processes, as well as making decisions regarding the development and implementation of sustainability data and reporting systems. Rebecca is deeply passionate about tackling climate change and the power of collective action in helping our environment. Through her work, Rebecca collaborates with multiple UBC units to manage sustainability data and reporting processes for UBC's net-zero emissions targets and achievements.



Please contact Rebecca if you have questions about the following:

  • UBC climate action and greenhouse gas emissions data and performance
  • UBC climate action accountability framework 



Taryn Alessandra Cigagna, Manager, Climate and Sustainability Engagement

Email: taryn.cigagna@ubc.ca

Meet Taryn

As Manager of Climate and Sustainability Engagement, Taryn plays a key role in the strategic planning and implementation of UBC’s Climate Action Plan 2030. Her mission is to cultivate a culture of climate action and shared commitment to sustainability at UBC through climate action programming on the Vancouver campus. These programs aim to nurture and build connections between staff, faculty, and students, by providing spaces where diverse perspectives can come together and make meaningful contributions towards envisioning a more climate resilient future. 

Please contact Taryn if you have questions about the following:

  • Collaborations under CAP2030 
  • Campus-wide climate action engagement
  • Sustainability tools and resources


Aldona Czajewska, Climate Action Engagement & Outreach Coordinator 

Email: aldona.c@ubc.ca

Meet Aldona

As Climate Action Engagement & Outreach Coordinator, Aldona is passionate about helping to educate students and staff on topics relating to tackling climate change, biodiversity loss, food systems, sustainability, and how to take climate action at UBC. In her role, she develops unique and engaging learning opportunities and programming in support of UBC’s Climate Action Plan 2030. Aldona is most interested in cultivating a culture where staff, faculty and students can feel empowered by participating in practical ways to combat climate change and collectively reduce our emissions though education and community building. She is also involved in the management of the Sustainability Coordinator program, and provides biodiversity mentorship to those excited to talk about all-things-nature.

Please contact Aldona if you have questions about the following:

  • Zero Waste Squad
  • Sustainability Coordinator program
  • Lectures/presentations related to climate change, biodiversity or sustainability