What You Can Do

Did you know a faucet leaking one drop of water per second wastes 10,000 litres of water a year? You can help UBC to reduce its water consumption by reporting any water leaks on campus, and becoming more aware of the amount of water you use. It’s easy to conserve water at home and at UBC, and your efforts could save thousands of litres.

Report a leaky faucet, showerhead, or toilet

If you spot any leaky faucets, showerheads or toilets at UBC, please contact the Building Operations Service Centre online or at 604-822-2173 to report the issue.

Reduce Your Water Consumption

According to UBC’s Water Audit, showers account for approximately 13 per cent of UBC’s water consumption. To consume less water, try these tips:

  • Take shorter showers: aim for four minutes – it is possible! Check out the four-minute shower blog post.
  • Use cold water to do laundry: it requires 90 per cent less energy than washing in warm water, and it’s better for your clothes.

Calculate your water consumption

Measure your water consumption via Environment Canada’s water consumption calculator, and read their water conservation tips.

Learn More

Learn more about UBC’s Water Action Plan by reading the Discussion Paper.

Visit the SEEDS Library, which features student sustainability research projects, including more than 80 projects on water.

Get Involved

Visit the Get Involved section to find out how you can get involved in sustainability-related courses and programs at UBC.