Water Action Plan

UBC is developing a Water Action Plan to build on our water conservation achievements to date and guide the University’s water management activities in the future.

Initial Planning Process

Public consultations were held in 2011 to initiate the development of the plan.

  • Over 80 staff and faculty members, students and UBC community residents shared their vision for long-term water conservation and management on campus;
  • Participants also discussed the actions required to realize their vision; and
  • Working groups were then established, to further develop the ideas collected, and to prioritize actions.

Five priorities were identified for water management at UBC, including:

  • rainwater harvesting;
  • efficient landscape irrigation;
  • reduced water use and wastewater generation;
  • water use management in building operations; and
  • education and engagement.

Additional consultation with key campus stakeholders was done in 2013.

Progress on Water Conservation

Despite the Water Action Plan process being on hold for several years, UBC has achieved steady reductions in water consumption, despite continued campus growth.

Resuming the Planning Process

With the completion of the Zero Waste Action Plan in 2014 and drafting of the Climate Action Plan 2020 complete, planning for the Water Action Plan is resuming in 2016, anticipating completion in 2017.

Learn More

To learn more, read the draft Discussion Paper and more about UBC's Water Conservation initiatives.

For more information, contact Bud Fraser, Planning & Sustainability Engineer.