Stormwater Management

At UBC, we think stormwater is a resource than can be managed, not wasted.

Vancouver’s climate is rainy, with approximately five billion litres of rain falling on the UBC campus annually. Instead of flushing this water away through underground storm sewers, the University uses it as a resource to enhance our campus.

UBC has established a system to effectively manage stormwater (rainwater that has fallen on the ground), using it to irrigate landscaped areas and flow into water features with plants that naturally clean the water. This system is designed to best utilize the stormwater, and make the campus more resilient to storm-related events. This is especially significant in an age of global climate change where extreme weather events like windstorms and floods will be frequently expected in our region.

Stormwater Management Innovations

Wesbrook Place, a UTown@UBC residential neighbourhood, uses stormwater flood control techniques like rainwater retention pools, green roofs and rain gardens to improve water quality. Stormwater is captured in attractive pools and is repurposed for irrigation. Landscape features at Michael Smith Park also demonstrate our commitment to effective stormwater management. 

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For details about how stormwater is managed on campus, read more at Campus and Community Planning.