Plastics don't belong in the food scraps bin. Please do your part and Sort it Out!

At UBC, we separate our waste into four streams: food scraps, containers, paper and garbage. You'll see the Sort it Out stations conveniently placed in buildings and other locations around campus.

But our bins don't recyle by themselves--they rely on you to Sort it Out. Materials placed in the wrong stream cause contamination, and contamination can lead to all the items ending up in the landfill. However, organic and recyclable material is banned from Metro Vancouver landfills.

UBC's Zero Waste Action Plan sets the goal of diverting 80 per cent of our waste from the landfill by 2020. You can help by learning what goes where and sorting your waste correctly.

Not sure what goes where? This video shows you how to sort your waste correctly!

Sorting it out can be as easy as keeping plastics out of the food scraps bins.

The items below don’t belong in the green bin. Please make sure to sort these into the right bins – check the Sorting Guide to learn more or practice online by playing Sort it Out, the waste sorting game.

At UBC, we have a ‘closed-loop’ system for the food scraps we collect: we turn food and plant waste into compost that is used for gardening on campus. By keeping plastic out of the food scraps stream, it allows us to turn the five tonnes of organic waste UBC produces daily into a clean compost.

Plus, you'll keep our compost-loving worms, Thelma and Thomas, happy!