Recycling & Waste

UBC has a long track record of accomplishments in recycling and waste reduction.

In 2016/17, we diverted approximately 57 per cent of our operational, construction and demolition waste from the landfill. UBC has developed a comprehensive Zero Waste Action Plan to move towards becoming a zero waste campus.

The following sections have information on how you can Sort it Out at UBC, get involved in other ways or learn more about what the university is doing to reduce and recycle waste.

Sort it Out

We need your help to Sort it Out right. Keep plastics out of the food scraps bins.

Small actions can create meaningful change, especially when it comes to waste. UBC has Sort It Out recycling stations conveniently located in buildings and locations around campus.  With four streams – food scraps, containers, paper and garbage – you can do your part to Sort it Out right!