reuse-it! UBC

reuse-it! UBC facilitates the reuse of goods between departments on campus to reduce the number of reusable items that enter the waste stream.

Launched in March 2011, this online service supports department-to-department transfers of furniture, office supplies and electronic equipment. A total of 1,100 items were reused between March and September 2011, instead of going to landfill. These transfers saved UBC about $24,700, the estimated cost of purchasing these items again.

reuse-it! UBC was developed in partnership between UBC Supply Management and Campus Sustainability.

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Recycling with a heart: UBC student’s efforts help Cambodian university: In 2011, a UBC student’s call to help a university in Cambodia resulted in a flood of donations from departments all over campus, through the reuse-it! program. The second-hand items filled a container, which was sent via ship to Southeast Asia.