Paper Purchasing

UBC is working to reduce paper usage on campus and ensure paper that is consumed contains a minimum of 30 per cent post-consumer waste content. In 2016, we reduced paper consumption by 27 per cent compared to 2010 levels. Using the Sustainable Purchasing Guide and the Sustainability Coordinators Toolkit, the UBC community can also contribute by making sustainable paper choices.

Paper Reduction

Producing paper is very resource intensive, and requires significant inputs of energy, water, and raw materials. Under the Greenhouse Gas Reductions Target Act, UBC is required to purchase carbon offsets for all copy paper purchased at UBC.

Our key paper management strategy is to reduce paper use in all departments. This will help to not only conserve resources, but also to reduce our carbon offset costs.

Purchasing Recycled Paper

Through UBC's preferred paper vendor (Grand & Toy), you can now purchase paper with 100 per cent post-consumer recycled content at a lower cost than virgin paper.

Buying Copy Paper for Your Department?

Help your department make the switch from virgin copy paper to copy paper that has at least 30 per cent post consumer content, at no extra cost! Visit the UBC Sustainable Purchasing Guide.

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