Green Cleaning

Providing a healthy and safe working environment for students, staff and faculty is a priority at UBC. Our Green Housekeeping Program, run by UBC Building Operations, includes a comprehensive set of green cleaning and housekeeping initiatives that incorporate sustainability into Custodial Services’ daily operations.

UBC Building Operations has established a UBC Green Housekeeping policy and program, which includes the following initiatives:

Green Cleaning Products

  • Using high quality, non-toxic EcoLogo certified cleaning products (or Approved Alternates) in all spaces at UBC.
  • Using portion controlled, Green Seal certified chemical dispensing units in the majority of buildings serviced by Custodial Services. Chemicals are dispensed using custom dispensers mounted to janitorial room walls, which reduces the amount of chemicals used, ensures proper dilution, and saves money.
  • Switching from coloured gel hand soap to Green Seal foam soap in all academic buildings.

Recycled Products

  • Using 100 per cent recycled paper towels and toilet paper, and “value plus” degradable garbage bags manufactured in Canada, in all academic buildings.

Eco-friendly Hand Dryers

  • Including Dyson Airblade hand dryers in the UBC Technical Guidelines, to ensure new UBC buildings incorporate this requirement. This decision was based on research conducted through a SEEDS project, which studied the environmental, health, and economic impacts of alternative hand dryers on campus. Dyson hand dryers have already been installed in Allard Hall and Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

Ergonomic Equipment

  • Providing custodial staff with the tools to perform their work in a healthy and safe manner, including ergonomic and lightweight cleaning equipment, as well as auto scrubbers, to make tasks more comfortable and less labour intensive.

Engaging Custodial Staff

  • Providing opportunities for custodial staff to test eco-friendly products and provide feedback prior to product purchases, to engage staff in our sustainability efforts.

For a full list of green cleaning initiatives, visit the Custodial Services website.