Fair Trade

In 2011, UBC was designated the first Fair Trade Campus in Canada, thanks to a collaboration between UBC Food Services, AMS Food and Beverage Department, UBC Engineers Without Borders, UBC faculty members and the SEEDS Program.

The designation from Fair Trade Canada recognizes UBC for its national leadership in Fair Trade purchasing and commits UBC to buying coffee, tea, chocolate and tropical fruit from producers who guarantee higher social, environmental and pay standards for farmers and workers.

Fair Trade Highlights

  • 100 per cent Fair Trade organic and shade grown coffee, and Fair Trade tea, are available at all non-franchise UBC Food Services, AMS outlets and Triple O’s, as well as through all on-campus catering providers including Wescadia, AMS Catering and Peake of Catering at UBC Robson Square. Starbucks carries a Fair Trade coffee option at all campus locations.
  • Fair Trade chocolate bars and sweets are available at UBC Food Services locations and Fair Trade bananas and other fair trade fruits are offered when available at Place Vanier Residence Dining Hall.
  • The UBC Bookstore now features a number of Fair Trade products including tea, chocolate, accessories and gifts, including No Sweat clothing. The UBC Bookstore is also working with the Sauder School of Business, AMS, SEEDS Program and UBC Food Services to increase the awareness of and range of fair trade products across campus.

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