Green Buildings

The new UBC Green Building Action Plan has just been approved by the Board of Governors on September 27, 2018! Click here for more information. 

With over 400 institutional and residential buildings on campus, building operations is the largest component of UBC’s environmental footprint. From pioneering green building practices in the 1990s to building the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS), one of North America’s most sustainable buildings, we embrace innovative policies and programs that define what green buildings and green communities can be. Visit the Green Building Directory for a full list of UBC green buildings, or sign up to take a green building tour today.


UBC Sustainability Process

To encourage sustainable and integrated green building design at UBC, we require that design teams follow the UBC Sustainability Process for major academic projects.  Key aspects of the process are the development of project sustainability goals with stakeholders.  We also hold a series of sustainability workshops for each project to ensure the sustainable goals are fully explored in the building design.


UBC is accelerating the transformation to high-performing green buildings on campus. LEED® Gold certification is mandatory for all new construction and major renovations for institutional buildings at UBC. We’ve taken the LEED standard one step beyond by adding further mandatory green building requirements into UBC’s Technical Guidelines. We’ve also developed a LEED Implementation Guide to help design teams implement LEED standards at UBC.

Bird Friendly Design

UBC has developed “Bird Friendly Design Guidelines for Buildings” to raise awareness about the dangers buildings pose to birds and inspire the incorporation of bird friendly design strategies in campus development.

Bird Friendly Design

Each year, about 10,000 birds die at UBC by colliding with clear and reflective glass. Windows reflect mirror images of trees and other vegetation and create a particular hazard for birds. 

Building Tune-Up

Just as your car requires regular tune-ups to run smoothly and efficiently, buildings need tune-ups too. Over time, buildings become less efficient, using more energy to satisfy occupant comfort, heating, and lighting requirements.

UBC Renew

Project Services is a program that renovates, rather than demolishes, eligible aging buildings at UBC, and makes them more sustainable. We’re the only Canadian university creating state-of-the-art facilities while preserving our heritage buildings.

The program minimizes the financial and environmental impacts of demolition and new construction significantly. It also maintains the spectacular buildings that give our campus its character and sense of history, extending their lives by 40 years or more.

Green Building Directory

UBC made early contributions to the green building industry, and we have since built many more buildings with high-performance features. All new institutional construction and major renovations on campus will be LEED Gold certified, while our residential neighborhood buildings will achieve REAP Gold certification.