What You Can Do

From choosing sustainable food options at campus eateries, composting your food waste, getting involved in campus gardening, and attending food-related events, there are many opportunities to get involved! Explore the resources below to learn more.

Sustainable Food Choices


Sustainable Food Initiatives

From purchasing to waste management, find out about some of UBC's many Food Sustainability Initiatives.

Campus Food Options

There are many Campus Food Options to purchase local and sustainable items across campus. Watch for the new Campus Food Labels coming soon, which will help you make more sustainable food choices when dining on campus.

Purchase Fair Trade

Did you know UBC is Canada’s first Fair Trade campus? You can buy Fair Trade coffee and tea at your dining hall, SUB or any UBC Food Service outlet across campus.

Buy Local

Visit the UBC Farm Markets for farm-fresh produce at the Saturday Farm Market, or the Wednesday Campus Markets. And check out the BC Association of Farmers Markets, which features a listing of over 100 farmers markets in BC.

Reduce Your Waste

Over half of UBC’s total waste can be composted! Make sure to compost your food waste in the compost bins located almost anywhere food is available on campus. Reduce your waste by bringing your own mug and reusable containers to campus.

Get Involved

UBC Farm

The UBC Farm offers practical volunteer opportunities which support over 100 different academic and community initiatives taking place on South Campus. There are many ways to get involved – you can take a tour, participate in the CSA Box program, attend community events, sign up for a Growing Season Workshop, apply for a Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture, or take related Credit Courses or Directed Studies.

UBC Food System Project

This collaborative, community-based research project aims to enhance the sustainability of UBC’s food system. With 1,700 student participants over the last decade, the program is an exciting way to contribute to food-related advancements on campus, and to obtain academic credit. Visit the UBC Food System Project website to learn more today.

Legend of UBC SEEDS Library categories


SEEDS research projects are accredited and provide an avenue for students to explore real sustainability issues on campus, including food-related challenges, and seek out practical solutions in collaboration with UBC staff and faculty members. Visit the SEEDS Library, which features student sustainability research projects, including more than 165 projects related to food.

Campus Gardens

UBC has several campus gardens which offer opportunities for students, staff, faculty, and residents to get involved, ranging from community-style garden plots to research-oriented gardens.


UBC Sustainable Campus Food Guide

The UBC Sustainable Campus Food Guide aims to raise awareness of and facilitate participation in sustainable food system initiatives on campus among the UBC community for students, faculty, staff and residents.

UBC Farm to Fork Cookbook

The UBC Farm to Fork Cookbook introduces you to a network of local food champions right here at UBC. Meet the people, service providers, researchers and organizations on campus who are growing, researching, promoting and selling local food.

Catering Checklist

Check out the UBC Sustainable Purchasing Guide for a list of Sustainable Catering Tips and Service Provider options around campus.


Green Report

The UBC Food Services Green Report summarizes the accomplishments and efforts of UBC’s primary food service provider over the past decade, to foster ecological, social and economic stewardship within its operations and beyond.

Sustainability in Residence Toolkits

The Sustainability in Residence toolkits provide UBC students in residence with all the information they need to integrate sustainability into their daily activities on campus. Each toolkit is packed with green tips, fun facts and step-by-step instructions to address topics like energy, recycling and composting, water and food.