At UBC, our goal is to lead globally and locally in sustainability and wellbeing across our campuses and communities. How? By going beyond minimizing harm to become net positive contributors to human and environmental wellbeing.

Find out more about who we are, the ideas that guide us, and our history of innovative practices and programs.


At UBC, we’re committed to using our campus and its operational, educational and research capabilities, as a living laboratory. We test, study, teach, and apply real-world solutions on campus, then share our knowledge.

Agent of Change

The lessons learned in sustainability at UBC are only as valuable as our ability to share those lessons with the wider world. As an Agent of Change, UBC aspires to educate the sustainability leaders of tomorrow.

Who We Are

UBC puts sustainability at the heart of teaching, learning and research, operations and infrastructure, and community. Our sustainability efforts are proudly delivered by a rich diversity of people across campus.


UBC seeks to work with other sustainability leaders to make a difference on the most pressing social and ecological issues. And we aim to share what we learn on campus through meaningful engagement.

Campus Tours

UBC's sustainability efforts can be seen across every corner of campus, and campus tours at UBC are a great way to learn about sustainability in action. Try a self-guided tour, or book a Green Building Guided tour.
Plans, Policies and Reports

The Climate Action Plan 2020 Update was created to define the actions UBC could take to achieve a 67 per cent GHG emissions reduction by 2020, below 2007 levels, and ultimately a 100% reduction by 2050.

UBC's Climate Action Plan sets out a bold strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the Vancouver Campus and address the impacts of climate change.

UBC places sustainability at the heart of teaching, learning and research, operations and infrastructure, and community.