About Us

Sustainability at UBC isn’t just a word to define—it’s a term that defines us and how we interact with the world.

UBC’s strategic plan, Shaping UBC's Next Century, commits all aspects of the University—its infrastructure, research, teaching and learning elements—to lead globally and locally in sustainability and wellbeing across our campuses and communities.

The 20-year Sustainability Strategy, is a mid-level plan for the Vancouver Campus. Developed through a collaborative process involving students, staff and faculty, it provides a long-term framework for integration of sustainability across teaching, learning and research, operations and and infrastructure, and community.

  • At UBC's Vancouver campus, sustainability means simultaneous improvements in human and environmental wellbeing, not just reductions in damage or harm. By 2035, such regenerative sustainability is embedded across the University throughout teaching, learning, research, partnerships, operations and infrastructure, and the UBC community. UBC is a vibrant, healthy and resilient community, deeply engaged with its neighbours, surrounding region, partners around the world, and in a supportive and mutually respectful relationship with the Musqueam people.

Our commitment transforms the entire UBC campus into a living laboratory—a societal test-bed for sustainability. In this way, the University’s physical plant becomes a testing ground in which staff, students, faculty members, researchers and partners test, study, teach, apply and share lessons learned, technologies created and policies developed. Through our partnerships, outcomes are applied beyond the campus, ensuring the University acts as agent of change to address some of society's most pressing sustainability challenges.

To meet our commitments, UBC has implemented strategic sustainability plans, developed an ambitious program of campus initiatives and established processes  to track our progress.  We are proud of the external recognition and awards we've received and are eager to tell our story so that other post-secondary institutions and communities might learn--and teach us--how to make a world of difference.