Interested in getting credit for an innovative research project? Consider registering for a regularly offered course, directed studies, capstone, thesis, or other independent study or pitching your own idea. 

Option 1: Register for a course

Most students join the SEEDS Sustainability Program through a course that’s already offering SEEDS research projects. You can check out the SEEDS Sustainability Library for previous courses we have collaborated with, or talk to a SEEDS staff member for options in your faculty.


Option 2: Register for an existing directed studies, capstone, thesis, or other independent study

Most UBC undergraduate and graduate programs have an option to undertake a research project for credit, whether it be as a directed studies, capstone, thesis, or other independent study. By making your study a SEEDS research project, you will be collaborating with UBC staff and/or other community partners faced with a societal challenge or sustainability opportunity, and have the chance to inform UBC sustainability policies, ideas and practices. 

To find out more about current independent study opportunities or express interest in a directed studies through the SEEDS Application Portal.

Option 3. Pitch your own applied research Idea 

Do you have an idea for an applied research project to advance one or more of SEEDS five priority areas, and want to work with campus partners to make it happen? Check out the SEEDS Application Portal to see how you can put forward your own proposal, whether for credit or as a volunteer project.